Re: Options dialog

Subject: Re: Options dialog
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 01:07:02 CST

Stephen Hack wrote:
> First off, about the distance between the label and ruler unit's menu...
> Under linux, atleast, I've not been able to align the label anything BUT
> center. All the settings just don't do anything for me, so I'm stuck
> centering the label. Which is dependant upon the layout. Does anybody know
> how to left/right align a label?

Yes, this one bit me the first time I tried to force the alignment.
Not only do you need to add a "Justify", but also give it a proper
"X Align" and "Y Align". These default to "0.50", and are floats.
If your alignment is "Left", 0.00 is flush left, 1.00 is flush right.
0.50 keeps it in the center.

Shaw Terwilliger

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