Re: Win98 i18n Unicode fonts trouble possibly solved.

Subject: Re: Win98 i18n Unicode fonts trouble possibly solved.
From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 11:06:14 CST

At 11:49 AM -0500 12/27/00, Saint-Denis wrote:
>The problem at the origin of checking for NT or Win9x is that symbol
>characters where not displaying correctly on Win9x. I corrected it with
>"Patch for bug #1024", titled "All symbols show as boxes for symbol fonts"
>sent on november 6.

        Symbol characters meaning what? Characters that are supposed
to be displayed using a font such as Symbol or Zapf Dingbats?
Characters whose value is in the Symbol range for Unicode? What?

>Wide-char version is available on Win9x for a few functions.

        Correct. I have the complete list somewhere if anyone wants it.

>The code for
>the NT portion was used also for Win9x prior to the patch. At the time, I
>consulted MS knowledge base and found that Unicode support for Win9x is only
>*partial by design*. MS offer a work around with the WideCharToMultiByte

        Right, WCToMB is only for use for passing to routines that do
NOT have valid W (wide) versions. DrawTextW is supported in 9x as
we've seen.

>I just downloaded the Code2000 Unicode font and tried it by assigning that
>font to a &#x2655 Unicode character. It shows like a question mark in
>AbiWord. Using the debugger, the Unicode character is converted to question
>mark by the WideCharToMultiByte function.

        I don't have the Abi sources in front of me, but what values
are being passed for uCodePage and dwFlags?

>Commenting out to leave only the NT portion, and editing the Unicode1.abw to
>assign the Code2000 font, I was able to see the unicode characters.


>However, symbol characters revert to boxes.
>Any ideas to win on both sides?
        Sure, if you can explain "symbol characters" to me...


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