Win98 i18n Unicode fonts trouble possibly solved.

Subject: Win98 i18n Unicode fonts trouble possibly solved.
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 15:04:26 CST

I think I've nailed this one. For some reason GR_Win32Graphics::drawChar
checks if it's running on NT and if it is it uses the wide char ExtTextOutW
function, otherwise it uses ExtTextOutA. I can't figure out why this is done
since (according to M$ own docs, which are known to be quite wrong from time
to time) states that the wide-char version *is* available in win95+.

The code didn't contain any comments at all why I can't comment on the
validity of the patch of just removing the UT_IsWinNT() call and just call
the wide-char version no matter what. Could it have been an early attempt to
support Win32s?

If anyone have access to win9x with a unicode font installed...

/Mike - please don't cc

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