New Release 0.7.12

Subject: New Release 0.7.12
From: Sam TH (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 21:32:40 CST

The entire AbiWord team is proud to announce a new release of AbiWord,
version 0.7.12. There are lots of new features here for everyone's
enjoyment. Brighten your holidays with Abi.

The new version is available from the AbiWord website, at

New and Improved Things:
 Working Fields implementation. (Martin, Keith Stribely)
 Major backend work. (Martin, Dom)
 Major MSWord importer improvements. (Dom, Martin Vermeer)
 WML import/export (for Web-phones and PDAs). (Dom)
 XHTML import (must conform to XHTML 1.0 specification). (Sam, Dom)
 DocBook import/export (only the XML DTD is currently supported). Only
a small subset of the DBK DTD is currently supported. (Sam, Dom)
 Pspell support (limited to Unix platforms for now). Requires Pspell
>= 0.11.2 compiled with --enable-ldtl. Abi can now spell check
international documents if you have the appropriate Pspell dictionary
installed. (Dom, Kevin Atkinson)
 RTF import/export improvements for UTF8 export. Added RRTF for old
apps option to export in ASCII encoding. (Vlad, Belcon,Hashao)
 Non-Latin1 Language support (Unix only for now). This includes CJK
and Slavic locales. Japanese and Korean locales need a bit of work
(volunteers anyone?), but Chinese and Taiwanese locales work
fine. (Vlad, HJ, Belcon, ???)
 Dynamic Zoom. (Micheal Pritchett, Sam)
 Tabs Dialog. (Bruce, Martin, Christopher Plymire, Dom, Thomas F)
 LibXML2 support updated (compile with ABI_OPT_LIBXML2) (Aaron).
 Updated documentation (French and English). (Ashleigh Gordon, Cristopher Caron)
 Lots of MacOS work. We could realistically have MacOS support before
the 1.0 release.(Hubert Figuiere)
 Lots of updated and new platforms. See the specific section for more info.
 Lots of i18n and gettext work. (Christian, Kenneth)
 Advanced Lists support (no formal dialog has been adopted yet
though). (Luke Jordan, Martin, Thomas Fletcher, Joaquin, Mike Nordell)
 Version checking now works (Sam)
 Lots of dialog clean-ups. (Dom, Martin, Joaquin)

 Lots of updated and new translations. A lot of new locales/languages
got added after the announce support for non-latin1 languages. (i18n
 Major bugfixing and stability improvements. (Martin, Sam, Dom,
Gilles, Vlad, Matt Brubeck, Thomas Briggs, Peter Haight, Bill
Carpenter, Tim Allen, Kenneth McDonald, Micheal Pritchett, Jesper)

BeOS Port Specifics:
 Tooltip support. (Christopher)
 File dialog properly indicates the import and export selection which
is available to abi users. (Christopher)
 Drawing bugs fixed. (Christopher)
 Tabs dialog. (Christopher)

Gnome Port Specifics:
 Updated menus to properly refresh. (Dom)
 100% of our dialogs have Gnome equivalents now. (Dom)
 Toolbars use GAL widgets now and hide/unhide on vertical docking. (Dom)
 Print-Preview on Toolbar in Gnome Builds (Dom)
 Gnome-print support (requires gnome-print >= 0.25). This gives us PS,
PDF, and Print-Preview support. Non latin1 locales have not been known
to work yet, though. (Dom, Chema, Lauris Kaplinski)
 Use GnomeMessageBoxes instead of GnomeDialogs lots of places. (Dom)

Win32 Port Specifics:
 Lots of installer fixes (Gilles Saint-Denis)

QNX/Photon Port Specifics:
 Printing of documents is now fully supported. (Thomas F)
 Native QRTP package format for distribution. (Thomas F)
 Document loading and displaying is now much faster with client side
cached font information.(Thomas F)
 Break dialog now properly inserts break characters. (Thomas F)
 Spell checking dialog properly presents the preview of the document
and the suggestions. (Thomas F)
 Signal handler is implemented so crashing Abi will attempt to save
the contents of your document as is done with the other Unix
version. (Thomas F)
 Command line now the same as on the Unix version.(Thomas F)
 Toolbars properly restore focus to the document when selecting a drop
down item. (Thomas F)
 File dialog properly indicates the import and export selection which
is available to abi users (Thomas F)
 AbiWord should now properly work from the launch menu after
installation. (Thomas F)

Thanks for your support of AbiWord, and be sure to check out the new

                                sam th
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