Re: Table workaround

Subject: Re: Table workaround
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 13:12:19 CST


There are a few things to address in this email.

>The mayor problem in my real world for using AbiWord is, that I cannot
>create tables with it. (this seams a MAYOR issue for all kind of
>editors and converters, so one has to use non-free software until now
>for a medium office setup.)

We really do need sophisticated table support. This is probably our
most-requested feature-enhancement.

>It occurred to me, that if would suffice (for me) if AbiWord were able
>to insert e.g. part of a gnumeric worksheet. Something like OLE...

Well, a few people (Martin and myself) are working on making ABI component
aware. This would mean that we could use bonobo on Gnome, KParts once a KDE
port is checked in (f.y.i. someone actually almost has a KDE port done or is
*really* good at manipulating screenshots), OLE2 on Win32, etc... This will
take us a little time to do correctly.

However, there are some problems with using gnumeric to implement tables.
Firstly, gnumeric can't be embedded, it can only embed objects inside of it.
This is something that the gnumeric team is probably working on but it
doesn't work yet. Secondly, while spreadsheets like gnumeric are very
cell-oriented, they are probably not the best at creating HTML or MSWord
like tables. I personally would like something a little more sophisticated
than what gnumeric could offer. I think that the general feeling on the list
is that we'd like to do tables correctly, and not do a "half-assed" job on

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