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Subject: Re: Release Notes
From: ha shao (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 22:08:55 CST

I hope this can be add into abiword's INSTALL or FAQ file with
better English and most part of Vlad's mail mentioned below.

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 11:05:14AM +0800, wrote:
> On 12/05/00, hashao wrote:
> > Need add locale specific font directory for CJK text to display
> > correctly. Locale is determined by LANG environment setting.
> Fonts displayed by abiword seem to be specified in fonts.dir, with
> the same format as X's fonts.dir, right?

Yes for latin fonts. for CJK fonts, the font names should be listed
in directory ${abisuite}/fonts/locale/fonts.dir. Abiword will use
this file to find the font names (XLFD) to use for display. So even
for display only, these files are needed.

For detail on the directory convention, please read Vlad's mail
It supposed to work that way but it does not yet (a bug?). I can
only use charset at the place of the 'locale', all other combinations
of locale failed to find the correct fonts for CJK.

I only find out this just now. :( I always use charset at the
place before. For me, it is GB2312 and Big5, case sensitive. I
am using cvs on December 1st.

The format is fonts.hj, yes.

> > DL> Gnome: gnome-print support (requires gnome-print >= 0.25)
> > CJK printing is no supported in gnome-print yet.
> Are CJK printing fonts still specified in fonts.hj, or other files?
> A simple grep didn't show fonts.hj in any files. And did the format
> change? It used to be like
> Arphic-MingB5-B5-H, -arphic-ming-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-big5-0, \
> 880, 120, 1000

Yes, the format is just like that but the name is font.dir as mentioned
above. The files are not packed with official abiword package because
we don't know what fonts the end users have. So the actual distribution
should include the suitable list of fonts for their own system.

On my Debian box, I have /usr/share/abisuite/fonts/GB2312/fonts.dir (can also
be zh_CN.GB2312) and /usr/share/abisuit/fonts/Big5/fonts.dir

My fonts.dir for GB2312/ and Big5/ (both Chinese locales) are attached.

Best regard

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