RE: Commit: Re: notes on smart quote implementation (fwd)

Subject: RE: Commit: Re: notes on smart quote implementation (fwd)
From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 10:37:09 CDT

At 9:25 AM -0400 8/24/00, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
>I'm just concerned about 1 thing: I write an Abi document on
>Linux/Gtk. I send it to my friend who's using the Gnome build. The
>fonts used in the Gtk build don't correspond to fonts in Gnome (take
>our "Times New Roman" versus their "Times"). Do I:
>1) fall back to a default font ("Times" or "Courier") that I know
>will be there? I don't like this much.
>2) copy all of our Unix fonts to the Gnome-Print font directory on
>install and append them to fonts.dir? This seems ugly to me but is
>the most-complete solution that I can think of.
>4) Some function to do "fuzzy" matching on font names (maybe using
>strstr), and match a "Times New Roman" -> "Times". This is better
>than #1 but we might still need to fall back on default fonts.

        #2 seems to me to be the most logical solution - a bit messy
to implement (getting all the installation stuff right), but it
definitely sounds good in terms of "doing the right thing".

        You may also want to consider #4 and 1 anyway, since someone
at sometime will use a different font and better job we can do to
find a match, the better. I would consider a configuration file, ala
Ghostscript, Xpdf, etc.

>You're right. I think that if we use the gnome-font package and then
>the anti-aliased GnomeCanvas, we'll get tremendous screen
>output(like how the gnumeric-heads brag that recent Gnumeric builds
>render better than Excel). But how do I do this and not break stuff?

        Another option in terms of getting anti-aliased text w/o
having to go all the way to gnome-font would be to use something like
FreeType2, which supports VERY nice anti-aliased rendering of both
Type 1 and TrueType fonts. I just did some work with it recently to
integrate it with libart, and it's pretty easy to work with and gives
GREAT results. This way you avoid using XDrawString() entirely!


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