RE: Commit: Re: notes on smart quote implementation (fwd)

Subject: RE: Commit: Re: notes on smart quote implementation (fwd)
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 08:25:00 CDT

Martin Sevior said:
>Is it worth forgetting about the UnixFonts stuff and just sub-class the
>gnome front end to use all the gnome font stuff? ie Have some
>GnomeUnixFonts classes that are just wrappers around gnome fonts as
>implemented in eg. gnumeric?
>I know that the Gnome people are working on lots of improvements to font
>handling. If we do this now we get to ride on their coattails. The
>UnixFonts stuff can just stay as it is until someone gets upset enough to
>fix it.
>I don't know how much work this is but as a side effect it might buy us
>genuine anti-aliased fonts on X too.


This is what I currently want to do. Kind of...

I'm just concerned about 1 thing: I write an Abi document on Linux/Gtk. I
send it to my friend who's using the Gnome build. The fonts used in the Gtk
build don't correspond to fonts in Gnome (take our "Times New Roman" versus
their "Times"). Do I:

1) fall back to a default font ("Times" or "Courier") that I know will be
there? I don't like this much.
2) copy all of our Unix fonts to the Gnome-Print font directory on install
and append them to fonts.dir? This seems ugly to me but is the most-complete
solution that I can think of.
3) not do anything (kind of what you're suggesting) and let printing (for
now, but later also rendering to the screen) segfault Abiword because
gnome_font_new_closest() can't find my font family? This'd get *me* upset
enough to try to fix the unixfont mess.
4) Some function to do "fuzzy" matching on font names (maybe using strstr),
and match a "Times New Roman" -> "Times". This is better than #1 but we
might still need to fall back on default fonts.
5) Something else???

You're right. I think that if we use the gnome-font package and then the
anti-aliased GnomeCanvas, we'll get tremendous screen output(like how the
gnumeric-heads brag that recent Gnumeric builds render better than Excel).
But how do I do this and not break stuff?

I'm interested in hearing people's opinions and suggestions because I'm
really stumped. Unix fonts suck. I'll try getting this working ASAP but
don't hold back 0.7.11 on my account. This'll definitely get in before 0.9.0

non-antialiased fonts hurt my eyes...
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