Re: FYI: No more weekly patch prize

Subject: Re: FYI: No more weekly patch prize
From: Thomas Fletcher (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 19:41:11 CDT

Just wanted to publicly thank SourceGear for
even stepping up to the plate and offering the
cash prizes to developers in the first place.
I don't know if it motivated any of us to work
any harder, but it was indeed nice to recieve
a bit of community (and finacial!) recognition
for our efforts.

Thanks again to all the SourceGear guys, you


On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Eric W. Sink wrote:

> Effective immediately, SourceGear will no longer be
> issuing a weekly cash prize for the best patch
> submitted. Our apologies to anyone who deserved
> to win but did not. The efforts of the developers
> on this project have been so strong that we usually
> found the decision to be a tough one. :-)
> Cheers,
> Eric W. Sink
> Software Craftsman
> SourceGear Corporation

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