Re: MS Word does NOT do this!

Subject: Re: MS Word does NOT do this!
From: Ashleigh Gordon (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 00:04:46 CDT

>Actually, the remarkable thing about this feature is that it took about
>100 lines of code and an hour, after I figured out what to do. And most
>of that was debugging. At least on Unix, signal handling is a trivial
>feature to add, if you aren't doing anything complex (saving !=
>complex). This is in fact what talkback builds of Mozilla do
>(AFAIK). The fact that no one has ever done this in another significant
>WP mystifies me completely.
> sam th

If this feature actually documentented anywhere, or should I add it to the
help? As you say, it's a very handy feature, and something a lot of users
would use if they knew about it.


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