New Project Based on AbiWord

Subject: New Project Based on AbiWord
From: Matt Trentini (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 23:47:56 CDT

Hey there people,

I recently discovered the AbiSource/Word project and am watching it with
great interest. Hats off to such an ambitious project progressing so

My interest is more than just curiosity however. A colleague of mine and I
have undertaken a project to help lecturers deliver their content
(lectures, tutorials, labs, exams, etc) to students. We are both final
year students studying Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering.
Our program intends to store all the content in XML and publish, or
render, portions of that content (say, all the lectures) to various
formats (say HTML or postscript or PDF or whatever). Needless to say,
much of the AbiWord source, especially relating to storage of XML and
converting to other formats, will be of great use to us.

I understand that the sharing of code is encouraged under the GPL but
also believe that it is simply courtesy to let everyone know that we
intend to use portions of the Abi project if we can. If there's
any problems with this please let me know.

Once again, congrats on a successful project and good luck in the future.

Matt Trentini

5th Year RMIT Double Degree: Applied Science (Computer Science) /
Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering)


PS If we create any code that will be of any benefit to the Abi project I
will endeavour to post it to you. The only issue is that I'm not sure who
owns our intellectual property since we are doing this project for RMIT.

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