Re: The State of Tinderbox

Subject: Re: The State of Tinderbox
From: Thomas Briggs (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 14:18:44 CDT

> 1) Win32
> Tinderbox currently does not show a Win32 build (Tom appears to have taken
> its place). Hopefully Shaw can get this back up.

   Then color me red as well. :) The patch for MSWord97 export that was
committed near the end of last week broke the build, and I haven't had a
chance to fix it yet.

> 2) BeOS
> a) PC-BeOS
> This is failing in Bill Carpenter's debugFlash code, since it is not
> finding usleep(). usleep() is in POSIX [1] and so should be in Be. If
> someone know a better place to find it that in <unistd.h>, please speak
> up.

   I need to/started to/will implement a platform specific fix for almost
the same problem to fix the Windows build (there is no unistd.h on Windows,
nor is there a usleep function). Once I've committed this hopefully
somebody can throw together the Be specific portion of it.

   Just my $0.02


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