commit: Fixed "Insert Symbol" for unix.

Subject: commit: Fixed "Insert Symbol" for unix.
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 21:37:22 CDT

I've fixed "Insert Symbol" for Unix. I've also changed its behaviour to
match that of the windows version which is to immediately insert a symbol
and to keep the dialog up and pressing the "insert" button. In addition
I've fixed the unix version so that the blue box showing the currently
selected symbol is present on first invocation of the dialog.

The break in "insert Symbol" was caused by the different way windows and
unix handle UT_UCS strings. I was storing the current font name string is
a UCSChar array - which was silly because that programming information is
never visible to the user. Now all font name strings are passed as char in
the xp part of the program and gchar in the unix build.

Thanks Bruce, you did a great job with your _doInsertsym function and
cleaned up the xp code even more.

A windows person should immediately check the windows build. I made a very
small change in the windows front end to reflect the new scheme of using
just char font name strings.



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