Re: commit -- insert symbol shot

Subject: Re: commit -- insert symbol shot
From: sam th (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 22:16:42 CDT

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On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Robert Sievers wrote:

yes, the shot works currently.

> Is the -kb tag on the add
> enough to take care of this?


And if you forget the -kb on the add, what
> you can do to change it to binary?

<quote source="Version Management with CVS">
   If a file accidentally gets added without `-kb', one can use the cvs
admin command to recover. For

$ echo '$Id$' > kotest
$ cvs add -m"A test file" kotest
$ cvs ci -m"First checkin; contains a keyword" kotest
$ cvs admin -kb kotest
$ cvs update -A kotest
# For non-unix systems:
# Copy in a good copy of the file from outside CVS
$ cvs commit -m "make it binary" kotest

   When you check in the file `kotest' the file is not preserved as a
binary file, because you did not
   check it in as a binary file. The cvs admin -kb command sets the
default keyword substitution method
   for this file, but it does not alter the working copy of the file that
you have. If you need to cope
   with line endings (that is, you are using CVS on a non-unix system),
then you need to check in a new
   copy of the file, as shown by the cvs commit command above. On unix,
the cvs update -A command

                                     sam th
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