a few insert symbol bugs

Subject: a few insert symbol bugs
From: sam th (sam@bur-jud-118-039.rh.uchicago.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 16:10:49 CDT

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Just playing with Insert Symbol (which looks wonderful), I noticed the
following problems:

1- Insert a character. Press enter. Insert another character. You get
the following assert

**** (6) Assert ****
**** (6) pRun->getType() == FPRUN_FMTMARK at fl_BlockLayout.cpp:3404 ****
**** (6) Continue ? (y/n) [y] :

If you say yes, nothing bad happens, you just continue working.

2- Insert a few characters, press enter (go past the asserts) and insert a
few more. Press enter again, and the first line dissappears.

3- The AbiWord window no longer displays the font (or style, or size) at
startup (the box is blank). If you try to change it once, nothing happens
in the box, but the font changes. If there is no text, and you change it
twice, abiword hangs BAD (and gives the same assert mentioned earlier).
You have to switch out of X to kill it. You can't even use gdb on it.

                                     sam th
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