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Subject: Re: CVS access
From: sam th (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 15:07:48 CDT

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On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, James Montgomerie wrote:

> The CVS man page is rather maze-like, isn't it? There's reference
> (sort-of-faq)on CVS at

Humorously, Sourcegear is also the company that makes AbiWord.

> It suggests to me that 'cding' to the abi directory you've been working
> in then doing a 'cvs -diff -N' will generate a diff file for the entire
> tree, including and removed of added files. This eliminates the need
> for a spare 'clean' copy of the source tree (you might want to have one
> for reference though).
> You might want to try a 'cvs -diff -N -c 3 -p' for more readable patches
> (is there an AbiSource policy on a prefered diff format?)

Standard open source devlopment (at least as far as I have noticed) tend
to use 'diff -u' as the standard format. It's even not that hard to hack
manually, once you figure out the quirks.

> P.P.S. How about, perhaps for a future POW, a 'developers faq' having
> things in it like references to the formatting guidelines, how to do
> diffs, a guide to the source tree etc. in it? I'd certainly find it
> useful.

A significant part of this info is already availible in the documents in
the abi/docs directory, in files such as SourceOverview and
SourceCodeGuidelines. Some of the info is out of date, though.
                                     sam th
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