Re: libpng

Subject: Re: libpng
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 22:52:08 CDT

At 10:32 PM 4/4/00 -0500, Robert Sievers wrote:
>At 07:32 PM 4/2/00 -0500, sam th wrote:
>>In the cvs tree is a copy of libpng 1.0.3 source. However, the current
>>compilation (at least on linux) does not use it, even if libpng is not on
>>the system. I believe that this was changed because the version compiled
>>with the libpng source didn't work. However, I think that we should try
>>to fix both this, and the libpng segfault bug, which I think is a blocker
>>for any new release.
>Agreed. 0.7.9 should not go out until this is resolved. I have snagged a
>machine for the build farm. As soon as that is up and running, I will do
>some testing on some sample binaries cut and see what kind of backwards
>compatibility issues there are, if any.

Yep. To be safe, I'm assuming we'll need to upgrade our CVS version of
libpng to 1.0.6 also, right?


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