AbiWord Weekly News #149, (2003, week 25, released 2003.06.22)

Welcome to this issue 149 of the AbiWord Weekly News.


      I remember what it is that I forgot last week!

This week in development

      Abiword rakes in some more beau coups, while several developers attend GUADEC (which just reel them in!)   Martin is the most powerful bait you can get in C++.   Meantime, Frank's got an almost functional static plugin thing going on; another limited functionality Windows binary is created, but this one gets to SourceForge; another dialogue means another screenshot, and Windows users might see the next release having fixed their printing capabilities (though, note, not all are covered).   Joaquin is cool that way.   And, don't forget to get caught up on our GUADEC/Dublin fun!

Request for user assistance

      If you want an equally rich and powerful Windows release, we really, really could use some Windows developers.   A whole mess of people with even just an hour a week could help.   Of course, the "three with only two hours a week" model hasn't been helping!   We're desperate!   We'll take a line a day if there's enough of you!   Please help...please!   Doesn't a platform like yours deserve a chance?

      Windows users, your help is doubly requested*.   We would like to see more bug reports coming from the Windows crowd, so, if you're feeling more daring, please download and try out the Win32 binaries when they're available.   If you want some sweet functionality in AbiWord II: The Wrath of Dom, you will have to participate.   You could also consider joining Project Blue Ant.

      Attention users with spare change.   Marc ended up on the wrong end of a money conversion.   He's now 144 euros in debt for our soon to exist alternative server at the University of Twente*.

Silliness of the Week

      If you don't mind a very Matrix Moment™, I've got one that beats the "Drink Your Battery" commercial.   A couple of weeks ago, I learned something interesting when watching the sponsor section for a Nova programme, I learned the Human Genome Project was being supported/conducted by The US Department of Energy.   Anyone who goes to the site will say, "Duh,", but I've never been to the homepage!

And now, for something different:
<Alan> dom said PANTS OFF
* uwog does NOT want to visualize that
<Alan> [expletive deleted], i never finished my PANTS OFF animation
<uwog> let ruth do that...
<Alan> uwog it is a Jeff Waugh quote
<Alan> his catchphrase
<uwog> sh :)
<mg> it has a long lineage but certainly jeff uses it enough (-:
<domAFK> Alan: that idea has been hashed over 1000 times. it's never happening until it's codified as part of some sort of HIG or similar. i'm very much opposed to it due to several large principles
<plam> Pants off might become part of the HIG?
* plam boggles.
<domAFK> as for journaled undo logs, jody wanted to do this to gnumeric too. it could be interesting. i don't quite see much point to it
<uwog> :-D
<domAFK> plam: oh, no. "a wordprocessor where you never have to explicitly save files"
<plam> domAFK: Oh. Right.

      Want to stop unjust things from happening in chat?   Join!   It's #abiword at irc.gimp.org

*requested: Danger, a recent incident suggests that this may cause anxiety, anger and/or mood shifts.   Windows users not taking MAOI's should have some level of alcohol within their bloodstream.
*University of Twente: I believe "Twente" is nederland for "Porn."

This Issue

      And remember, I give you an email address so you can talk to me, in case you're not on either mailing list.

In this issue:

Editor(s) of this issue:  E. A. Zen

      If you're interested in using AbiWord for the first time, receiving a more up-to-date version, any particular version or special release, feel free to visit the new  Latest Releases page.

DISCLAIMER:  It should be generally noted that anything said before the "In this issue:" line is purely editorial.   Actually, everything I say is purely editorial.   You kind of get used to it.


Traffic on the  developer mailing list has settled at about 200-400 postings per week.   This week, interesting topics on the developer list included:

  1. Fwd: Abiword in CHIP: 5 stars :   Chip, a German-y ZDNet, recently said, that we rock; actually, I believe they said we're mad, but it's more of an expression...I hope.   Dom can be a bit mad at times.   Mark and Alan are mad, as in "scientist."   And, I believe, Frank has discovered a new meaning to mad, but it seems based on scientist-type mad.   I believe it's a more theoretical kind of mad.   Eitherway, the whole team's off their rockers.   We also received some virtually-impossible score.   Well, not impossible, but considering that stable was rated, I'm amazed that it just snuck up to 5 stars.

  2. commit: abi: methods for "loading" preloaded modules , commit: abi: auto* build-system option for built-in plugins and :   Frank continues his quest to make it possible for QNX, and any other plugin-deprived os/build-system, the ability to embed plugins at buildtime.   POSIX systems look like they're just about done, and the others are just waiting in the wings.

  3. Any MSVC developers who build binaries? and 1.9.1 win32 binary build :   Do we have an MSVC build?   We have at least two people who could make one, and two did, indeed, get made.   Neither, however, possess the ability to load plugins :o(   Jordi's MSVC binary for Windows is now available at SourceForge.

  4. commit: insert table units support :   Speaking of Jordi, he's fixed a standing i18n bug by making sure that the "fixed column size" option uses your unit (cm/in) of choice.   Mind you, casually mentioning that his needs to be fixed on Linux is a nice way to wake up our li'l Nederlander, who was, otherwise, passed out at the pub with the lyre-theme going on....

  5. Re: CMS publishing from AbiWord (fwd) :   Paul Everitt(?) (introduction), of Zope, wants to get together with some of the AbiFolk in hopes of turning some of Abiword into a frontend for their content management system.   The current hurdle is limited implementation of the DAV standards and protocols in gnome-vfs.   Paul recommends we look into something called Neon.   Coincidentally, guess which Beatle I didn't like....

  6. [PATCH] HIGified New Document dialog :   Christian adds a nice, HIGrrified™ New Document dialogue.   I hate these at start up, but I'm sure the rest of you drool, so, enjoy this screenshot.

  7. Dublin meeting :   Hey!   What's going on at GUADEC!?   Stuff.   To summarise the discussion to the latest, here's a shortie (much from Martin's reply):   Some anti-Abi-ists made some rah, but everyone else seems to be pro-GNOME Office.   GNOME Office may become more in sync, with Dom and Jody planning a path to release.   This looks to fruition around August (D* long, ain't'it?).   Mentioned a couple of threads up in the AWN, there's alos discussion of making Abi the frontend of a CMS, (thanks to Frank, X/HTML is in a very good position for this; he should have gotten a patch prize).   Martin's presentation, which used ONLY AbiWord, TOTALLY ROCKED!   In fact, it impressed Sven Herzburg so much, he would like to use it as a base for his next go at a presentation programme.   Amazing how versatile a word processor can be, isn't it?   This presentation might just make it to the web somewhere, someday, maybe (hint, hint).   OpenOffice let rumours go that some key library elements for MS Document format might be extracted and released independantly.   And finally, alcohol consumption has placed the AbiFund into the red.   If you don't want our intrepid hackers to die (or be horribly embarrassed that their users refuse to support their addiction/life-style-choice), you may want to jump to the bottom of the AWN and send me^H^H^H^ them money.

  8. commit -- fix win32 printing (I think so) :   What would just BLOW your mind right now!?   Would it be Joaquin closing all of The Windows Printing Bugs?   Yeah, that'd totally blow your mind, wouldn't it?   It's too early to say, but Windows users are welcome to TRY USING THE ANONCVS TO TELL US HOW THAT WORKED OUT!   Enter abi\docs\build to locate instructions on how to build from CVS.   Oh, and, advanced warning for this week; Dom has picked up on Jeff Waugh's "Pants Off!" remark.   By "picked up," I mean, "uses it at the drop of a hat."   Of all the people he could impersonate, he had to choose this palace yahoo.


CVS Stats

      Track who put in how much and why.   And, while you're at it, consider whether you'd like to keep your own cvs build as well.   Tables...ooh....

CVS checkins 2003.06.15 - 2003.06.21
Who Commits In summary
Frank Franklin 142 only build ttftool for unix back-end auto*, add built-in plugin compile flags, don't define LOGFILE unless your user name is msevior (jk's isn't), if not building against glib2 then use the ABI_THREAD macro instead
AbiBits: untested preferences management class for HanAbi, ensure <plugin> & <toolbar> sections have an <options> section, mechanism for saving user preferences, implement setting and getting of options/preferences for HanAbi & plugins
AbiPlugins: abi_plugin_builtin.h for refined-function declarations, methods for pseudo-loading preloaded modules, build fix, experimental --with-builtin-plugins configure option,define & check value of ABI_BUILTIN_PLUGIN, make registration function external, register builtin plugins (don't try this at home, kids!), alloc --with[out]-<plugin> in plugins' configure to override --en/disable-<plugin> option, --disable-all still sets the default to no, use more advanced UT_Tree writing callbacks, move end-element notification to before end-tag write, identify plugins explicitly and by their library names, built-in plugins makefile excerpt, don't build pw plugin - it doesn't really exist anyway, option (--with-builtin-plugins) to build plugins for static linking, built-in plugin auto-detection & some configuration, add abi-magick.m4 from abiword-plugins/ac-helpers, link-in plugins
Aiksaurus: Move contents of the "core" directory to a directory named "base" because Martin's system is mental, fix from Johan
Tomas Frydrych  31 removal of glyph shaping master switch, work toward glyph-availability checking, glyph remapping, glyph presence detection
Dom Lachowicz  14 remove some unused cruft
Bug: 4913
Andrew Dunbar  13 Spanish updates from Francisco Javier Fernandez, fix minor typo in one German dialect name, fix cut-and-paste error in language name, comment typo in ut_contextGlyph.cpp, Basque (Euskara) update from Alfredo Barrainkua Zallo, updates to Australian English and Mexican Spanish barbarism files, Norwegian Nynorsk update from Karl Ove Hufthammer, French update from Gilles Saint-Denis
Johan Björk*  10 QNX Can now be built with either diving make or autoconf! (nifty!), fix so wv compiles without glib on qnx
Marc Maurer   9 small cell maker fixes, add *.gladep files to .cvsignore, patch from Christian - Set a proper application name on the GTK/GNOME build, patch from Christian - GLADE/HIGify the New Document dialog (if you just gave him cvs access already...)
Jord Mas*   8 insert table units support
Bugs: 5165 and 5231
Martin Sevior   8 Various Crash Fixes
Joaquin Cuenca Abela   4 fix windows printing code
Nadav Rotem   3 added user_data pointer (which had something to do with last week's AWN), added some more words to en.dic, then, updated the changelog.
(me) by the way, I think this is the first time I've seen comments from Nadav.

*Johan Björk:  system-related work is QNX unless stated otherwise.
*Jordi Mas:  system-related work is Win32 unless stated otherwise.


      This section is to be replaced by a more site integrated POW BS.   Until that's done, you may review the current pows here.

Name:  More Windows Maintainers
Description:  Jordi and Jeremy could always use help
Advertisement:  Help free people from the oppression of MSWord today!
Recommended Outline:  You must become magical to know how to fix this.
Comments:  Wouldn't be a bad idea to start with the printing bug...
System:  Windows
Challenge level:  ****. 4 stars out of 5
Current Heros:  Jordi Mas, Jeremy Davis

Bug Update

Bug Market


      This week's activity: ResoUnconf +49 (49 : 0), VeriNew +4 (6 : 2), ClosAssi -2 (0 : 2),

      Resolutions are high, pushing ResoUnconf to record hieghts.   The VeriNew index creeps back into the black for the first time in some weeks, and ClosAssi remains nominally below the positive mark.   Alan Bluespan suggested that this could change within the next couple of weeks, depending upon the upcoming release schedule.   Back to you, Bob.

      For information about how to view the chart, please read 142's Special Interest.

Bug Votes

      These are the week's Top 20 Bugs in the categories  problems and  requests for enhancements.   Influence next week's results by  casting your own votes.   Ah, another release, another change of what bugs are on the "Most Wanted" list.

Top 20 Problems
ID Votes Milestone Summary
 376  80 2.0 File associate problems for all file types with Win32Slu......
 3550  61 --- Mouse wheel still bugged in documents >59 pages
3778  40 --- Hanging indent setting ignores units
2362  32 1.0.x AbiWord only prints across half of page
3970  31 --- changing layouts can lead to showing other location than ......
4049  30 --- Crash on open file from floppy or network drive.
4722  30 --- When using -p or --print the output isn't usable
4745  30 Future Change colour of foreground text for screen only
2868  25 2.0 character widths are not calculated correctly for some fonts...
2421  22 2.0 TM, Bullet, Euro, Smart Quotes and other symbols originat......
5198  18 --- Justification doesn't work
3216  15 1.0.x [Tabstops Cannot be Set in Second (or Third) Column
3801  15 --- Incremental loader seems to struggle with large files
4360  15 Future Spelling squiggle erases half of bullet or number
1865  13 --- Header/footer not loaded properly from .doc
3671  12 --- Page header and footer are incorrectly exported to RTF
1613  11 1.0.x undo does not know about replacing
4062  11 1.0.x Abiword crashes when used with Acrobat Distiller
4071  11 --- Abiword is crashing during importing word document
Top 20 Requests For Enhancement
ID Votes Milestone Summary
2183 385 Future Fully Support OpenOffice's XML file format
3668 111 --- Support for window tabs instead of separate windows
1950 110 Future Wish for automatic Table of Contents
1374 108 Future [RFE] print odd and/or even pages only (for front & back ...
2321 100 --- [RFE] Maths/Equation Editing, as a plugin maybe?
2490  98 2.0 Finish Cocoa Frontend
1144  72 Future Improve KWord import/export filters
2565  72 Future Add true MS Word .doc export capability
4057  60 --- Thesaurus Shift+F7 keybindings shortcuts consistency
 515  41 Future columns change should only affect selected text
2365  39 --- AbiWord needs 'view codes'
2366  39 Future implement floating frame
1929  37 Future Hyphenation is missing in Abiword
1851  31 Future [rfe] Ability to create an ALL CAPS style, and Small Caps......
2186  30 Future The insert page break setting is lost for custom styles
2219  27 Future AUTONUM wanted in [ Insert/Field/Number ] menu
2164  25 Future Ability to set default print command anywhere
2169  24 Future Line numbering
2663  23 2.0 Normal View mode

      Joaquin's effort removes three bugs, causing 4062, the Acrobat Distiller crash, to make a return to the list.   Out of nowhere, squiggles bug, 4360 makes it deep into the list.

Release HackDown

      This is an AbiWord Weekly News original concept:  The Release Hackdown.   In the table below, you can watch what bugs are being fixed in preparation for the very next release.   Check the key at the bottom to understand formatting.

      No pressure, guys, I'm sure only 2000 or so people will be watching to see what you do weekly.   That breaks down to about 285 people daily and 12 people hourly, so, it's like being peeked at once every five minutes, literally.   "Isn't that veird!?"


      Hub...is there a metabug, and I missed it?

HackDown to 1.0.5 no more!
Bug ID Description
2223 cannot open psiWord files (re-opened)
2715 crash on zoom
3239 [META] Windows printing bugs
3453 Crashes repeatably while attempting to edit header
3488 Weird crash when editing
3561 Crash on embedded AbiWord in Evolution
3625 Multi Substitution waste memory
3632 editing the numbering style of a roman numeral list hangs/crashes
3645 Page setup has a problem with margins in millimeters
3678 [STABLE]Crash when editing this Word document
3697 [crash] blank AbiWord document viewed as text (View Source)
3755 AbiWord crashes during import of this MS Word document
3766 Dvorak Keyboard
3858 export wrong content when choosing export to "Simplified Chinese GB_2312-80" encoded text
4068 Crash when mouse leaves selected header
4070 [META] crash on load bugs
4093 Program Terminates on Open
4097 Save dialog file extension weirdness
4125 .doc file does not import correctly (BiDi issues).
4183 Save/reload puts spurious characters in simple file in 1.0.3
4283 // comments expose lots of bugs
4304 crash when changing font of certain text (e.g. page numbers)
4363 [STABLE] Abi crashes after document open/close if text selected
4449 EV_EditBindingMap::removeBinding() leaks
4481 Format > Tabs dialog box completely broken
4531 Page breaks ignored in RTF
4559 section break handling is broken
4647 Abiword 1.0.4 crashes with zh_CN Chinese font locale
4650 Abiword.exe Entry Point Not Found
4656 AbiWord 1.0.4 does not compile with gcc-3.2.2 and perl-5.8.0

  1 Unconfirmed
12 Unapproached
10 Assigned
  7 Resolved

*Strike-out bug numbers and greyed text are resolved.
*Bold bug numbers and bold text are assigned.
*Italicized bug numbers and italicized text are unconfirmed.
*Normal bug numbers and normal text have not yet been approached.


      On our way to two-point-oh, affectionately referred to as, AbiWord II: The Wrath of Dom.

HackDown to AbiWord II: The Wrath of Dom
Bug ID Open of Total Description
2145  4 of  5 FCC 508 accessibility regulation compliance
2921  2 of  2 abi can leak memory [tracker bug]
3064  6 of  7 [TRACKER] AbiWord Performance
3239 14 of 39 [META] Windows printing bugs
4142  3 of 12 make AbiWord comply with GNOME HIG
4425  0 of  0 squash all warnings
4465 17 of 37 [META] Spelling bugs
4466 10 of 22 [META] "Motion" Bugs
4467  6 of 11 [META] Find/Replace bugs and enhancements
4488  1 of 13 [META] Help System Bugs
4627 11 of 16 [META] Copy/Paste bugs
4734  0 of  0 RFE: Ability to link plugins statically
5007  0 of  0 bidi in tables
5023  0 of  0 format footnote dialogue needs 'do not restart' option
5080  0 of  0 Abiword doesn't print arabic texts with vovels properly.
5119  0 of  0 setting meta-data does not dirty the document
5232  4 of  4 [META] Win32 Blocker bugs for 2.0 Release

      Windows printing bugs took quite a wallop!   Go Joaquin!   Oh, and a couple of other bugs got knocked off somewhere, but who cares ;o)

      See Announce: 2.0 release plan for more details on the intended route towards Abiword II: The Wrath of Dom.

Open Source, Open Books.

Last Updated: April 10, 2003

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      I cannot promise the time of de-fudging, nor can I promise there will be de-fudging any time soon. However, I feel confident that there will be some de-fudging going on.

Current Balance: $1604.34
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$400 to buy Andrew Dunbar a new computer
$ 60 to misc./entertainment expenses at GNOME summit, GUAD3C, other, paid out of dom's pocket
$225 Patch Prize (those already successfully awarded)
-   $ 45 Will Lachance
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-   $ 45 Ruud Vring
-   $ 45 Patrick Lam
-   $ 45 Dom Lachowicz

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paypal: 57
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