AbiWord Weekly News #90, (2002, week 18, released 2002.05.06)

Welcome to issue 90 of the AbiWord Weekly News.

It finally appears to have happened: we have Win32 binaries of AbiWord 1.0.1! The AbiWord 1.0.1 release will be announced officially later this week.

This week BugZilla was updated (or rather reverted) to a pristine BugZilla version, changing the Bug states available. The reason was to allow easier upgrades of our BugZilla installation which was a bit behind the times. Unfortunately, this means that all Bugs have been "touched" this week, preventing my scripts from finding closed Bugs. So only a short list of closed Bugs this week (or rather, VERIFIED Bugs).

In this issue:

Editor(s) of this issue: Jesper Skov

CVS Stats

CVS checkins 2002.04.29 - 2002.05.05
WhoCommitsIn summary
dom 295 Bonobo print interface, UnixGnomeApp save to stream, AbiWord Control work, fix abiwidget ruler bug, abiword bonobo work, SDW file format documentation, added new assert macro, abiwidget work, move a ton of importers to plugins, curl hashfile download tweaks, better autodetection in abimagick, ap_frame work, various build fixes, abimagick work, added business report template, abigimp menu tweak, plugin build tweak, remove psiconv auto* dependencies, RTF sectd fix, abimagick fix for Win32, and SDW crypt patch (from biesi). Fixed Bugs 3190 and 3213.
fjfranklin 188 Bonobo print autoconf, hashfile downloader (from Gabriel Gerhardsson), psiconv make clean tweak, unix popt autoconf, diving build system fixes, autoconf support for hashfile downloader, plugin buildsystem changes, build instructions update (from Scott and Gabriel Gerhardsson), bump version numbers, MaxOSX build instructions.
tomas_f 81 32-bit UT_UCSChar work.
mpritchett 80 MSWrite include fix, diving make support for new plugins, and ABI_EXPORT stuff for new plugins.
plam 38 Fix non-system popt autoconf, fix const correctnes in various files, make ap_Args use AP_App, use libpopt for command line parsing, fix freeing of a stack variable.
biesi 25 StarOffice importer work.
hub 14 Fix parameter problem breaking GTK, fix cocoa App code, ap_App fixes, libpopt autoconf fix, bump versions, added some .cvsignore files. Fixed Bug 3228 (from Christian Biesinger).
dchart 11 Added help files on file formats, doc tweaks, documentation of sections, changelog updates.
jskov 6 AbiCommand save file fix, testing script fix.
paul 4 Added more languages. win32 language dialog tweak.
jeremyd 4 AbiPaint menu fix, magick importer fixes.
phma 4 Japanese update (from Masayuki Hatta), updated credits file with Polish translators, Nynorsk update (from Karl Ove Hufthammer).
phearbear 1 Updated build instructions for QNX.
msevior 1 Updated OAF file.

Project Of the Week

POW (Project Of the Week) and the new uPOW (User Project Of the Week) is an attempt at attracting new developers and entice help from users by lowering the bar of entry to doing something constructive for AbiWord. A POW will describe a goal and often outline how to get there.

Presently we have a few unclaimed POWs. Please see the POW status page for more details.

uPOW2001.17Where to send AbiWord announcements
uPOW2001.09Determining Locale Status
uPOW2001.07Host for AbiWord BugDay
uPOW2001.06Update Feature and UI matrices
POW1999.47Make translated dialogs fit
uPOW1999.37CS folks wanted...

Bug Update

Here's the AbiWord bug update for the last week. If you can spare some time, please help us triage the bugs - you don't need to be a programmer to do this.

Bug Statistics

Bug stats graph

Bug Votes

These are the week's Top 20 Bugs in the categories problems and requests for enhancements. Influence next week's results by casting your own votes.

Top 20 Problems
1030333FutureInstalling AbiWord messes up fonts in other applications (e....
140285FutureCan not use other than original type1 fonts
376791.2File assosciate problems for all file types with Win32Slurp
1124691.2Does not honor config/-geometry request
1406481.0.xxhtml documents fail to open: "Bogus html document" msg
1747421.2background colour of text selection is always grey
2598361.2Abiword installs bogus fonts of dubious heritage
1194301.2alt+xxxx does not insert special symbols
181820---Font reverts to Times New Roman when it shouldn't
1394171.2on-screen landscape actually prints portrait in Win95
229915FuturePrints incorrect margins with split page.
37215Futureconsolidate identical platform code
2868151.2character widths are not calculated correctly for some fonts...
186513---Header/footer not loaded properly from .doc
1474111.2libiconv Korean broken
2962111.2Printer problems with Lexmark printers on Windows
2275101.2dbk not valid after save
118410FutureDoc import not 100% correct
133310FutureInserting a word is O(n) in the number of words in the docum...
Top 20 Requests For Enhancement
12767931.2Table support
1261419FutureNeed to support footnotes and endnotes
2321213Future[RFE] Maths/Equation Editing, as a plugin maybe?
2183110---Fully Support OpenOffice's XML file format
137466Future[RFE] print odd and/or even pages only (for front & back pri
236549FutureAbiWord needs 'view codes'
195042FutureWish for automatic Table of Contents
192936FutureHyphenation is missing in Abiword
114432FutureImprove KWord import/export filters
229627Futuredoc import: footnotes
51525Futurecolumns change should only affect selected text
127023FutureAbiword should graphical columns ala wordperfect 8/9
221922FutureAUTONUM wanted in [ Insert/Field/Number ] menu
808211.2Tables not imported from RTF
216921FutureLine numbering
236020FutureResizing bitmap images
229420FutureTool palette instead of toolbars
152520FuturePreferences -> Toolbars, Button Style, Both
246219Future[rfe] Add true EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) support

Verified Bugs

In the past week, the following Bugs have been verified as fixed. The listed Bugs have all been put in RESOLVED mode as either FIXED or WORKSFORME and have then been verified by the people listed below. Other causes of resolving a Bug (e.g. as INVALID) are not tracked since they usually do not represent a fixed problem.

Bugs Closed This Week
Bug IDDescription
2073HTML Export causes program to crash
2562Problem with "Change text color"
3213RTF import ignores document margins
This Week's 5 Most Active QA Helpers
1Hubert Figuiere

To get your name in neon, help QA the Bugs. If you want your name rather than your email address to appear, drop me a line.

Latest Releases

Here are links to the latest official releases of AbiWord for various architectures and operating systems.

AbiWord 1.0.1- Release Notes
AbiWord 1.0.0- Release Notes
AbiWord 0.99.5- Release Notes
AbiWord 0.99.3- Release Notes
AbiWord 0.99.2- Release Notes
AbiWord 0.99.1- Release Notes
AbiWord 0.9.6- Release Notes
AbiWord 0.9.5- Release Notes
AbiWord 0.9.4- Release Notes

These are links to snapshot builds of AbiWord for a subset of the supported architectures/operating systems.

Note that the snapshot builds may not work (at all!), but are likely to include more features and have fewer bugs than (older) official releases. Use the official releases for "production systems" and the snapshot builds for testing and when you want to help with Bug triaging.

AbiWord Snapshots
Linux (GNOME+GTK)i386http://pinohuis.dhs.org/uwog/abiword/Provided by Marc Maurer. These are updated daily. Plugins, clip art, fonts and help files are available too.
Win32i386http://abiword.pchasm.org/Provided by Jeremy Davis. These are updated twice a day. Plugins are available too.
Win32i386http://www.niksbiks.dk/Software/Abi/Provided by Nikolaj Brandt Jensen. These are updated about once a week. BiDi builds are available too.

On the Mailing List

Traffic on the developer mailing list has settled at about 200-400 postings per week.

You may also find interesting threads on the user and documentation lists (unfortunately the archive for the latter is broken at the moment).

This week, interesting topics on the developer list included:

  1. RFP: use gnu gettext: Dom thought it was about time we switched to gettext. There are some issues to resolve, but there are also some nice benefits, such as a reduced memory footprint (with the present localization system, the AbiWord executable contains all the strings for all the locales). The discussion continued in this thread.

  2. RFP: design document: Dom asked for a summary of last weeks voluminous discussions on l10n/i18n changes. Tomas posted a nice summary.

  3. commit - fix test script: I checked in some fixes to a small perl script that should allow us to start writing small AbiWord tests, including regression tests, which should be run daily. The first stab at a framework is there, now we only need the tests...

  4. plugins in main tree? (was Re: branch tonight): There were some open/unclear issues of where the plugins should live in the new tree. Paul argues that they should live in a separate tree (as they already did before). This thread settled the issue, and later many of the existing importer/exporter modules were moved from the main AbiWord source tree to the plugin tree.

  5. Switching to a new Bugzilla: I've been fed up with the BugZilla we've been using, so I finally sat down and hacked the updater script to allow us to move our existing BugZilla data (which is using different states than the main stream BugZilla) to a pristine BugZilla 2.12. Hub helped, and he's also promised to update to the latest BugZilla (which is way less painful now).

  6. Release 1.0.1: Hub tagged the tree for 1.0.1, and after branching, bumped the version of the trunk to 1.1. This opened the door for non-bug fix changes.

  7. Next Generation Layout document: Martin posted the latest design of the of the next generation layout engine.

  8. 32-bit UT_UCSChar: Tomas started converting AbiWord internals to use 32-bit UCS characters. He later checked in the changes.

  9. Re: commit: abi: Gabriel's dictionary hash downloader: Gabriel Gerhardsson implemented this very nice new feature.

  10. Abiword in (unhacked) Evolution.: Martin has made AbiWord work as a plugin in Evolution (there's a screenshot of this). Very nice!

  11. Press Release. Translators please read!: Martin's looking for translators to help translate the AbiWord 1.0 release announcement into different languages for maximum effect.

Special Interest --

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