Format Header/Footers Dialog

Use this dialog to change the properties of the headers and footers in a section of your document. The changes apply to the section containing the insertion point.

This dialog does not allow you to edit the contents of headers and footers. Use Edit Header and Edit Footer, from the Edit menu, to do that.

Headers and Footers can have similar properties. To apply a property to a section, check the box at the left of the appropriate line. Any number, and any combination, of boxes may be checked.

Different on facing pages

The headers or footers on odd and even pages are different from each other.

Different on first page

The header or footer on the first page of the section is different from those on following pages.

Different on last page

The header or footer on the last page of the section is different from those on preceding pages.

Restart page numbers on new sections

This option restarts page numbering in a new section, so that, for example, you can number the pages in each chapter starting from one, or start page numbers in a document at 12 because the document is the second chapter of a longer work. The number from which to restart can be set at the right: you can type in the box or use the arrow buttons.


This button opens the documentation for this dialog.


This button closes the dialog without making any changes.


This button changes the format of your headers and footers and closes the dialog.

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