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xap_Win32LabelledSeparator.cpp File Reference

#include "ut_assert.h"
#include "ut_debugmsg.h"
#include "xap_Win32App.h"
#include "xap_Win32LabelledSeparator.h"
#include <commctrl.h>


#define GWL(hwnd)   (HFONT)GetWindowLongPtrW((hwnd), GWLP_USERDATA)
#define SWL(hwnd, f)   SetWindowLongPtrW((hwnd), GWLP_USERDATA,(LONG_PTR)(f))
#define LINE_HEIGHT   2


static void AdaptSeparatorLength (HWND hwnd, const wchar_t *text, HFONT hFont)
static LRESULT CALLBACK _LabelledSeparatorWndProc (HWND hwnd, UINT iMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
bool XAP_Win32LabelledSeparator_RegisterClass (XAP_Win32App *app)


static const wchar_t s_LabelledSeparatorWndClassName [] = "AbiLabelledSeparator"
static WNDPROC s_pfnWndProc

Define Documentation

#define GWL (   hwnd  )     (HFONT)GetWindowLongPtrW((hwnd), GWLP_USERDATA)

Identifier of the child line separator window.

Referenced by _LabelledSeparatorWndProc(), and AdaptSeparatorLength().

#define LINE_HEIGHT   2

Line separator height in pixel

Referenced by _LabelledSeparatorWndProc(), and AdaptSeparatorLength().

#define SWL (   hwnd,
)    SetWindowLongPtrW((hwnd), GWLP_USERDATA,(LONG_PTR)(f))

Spacing between the label text and the line separator part of the control.

Function Documentation

static LRESULT CALLBACK _LabelledSeparatorWndProc ( HWND  hwnd,
UINT  iMsg,
WPARAM  wParam,
LPARAM  lParam 
) [static]

Window procedure function responsible for implementing the special behavior of the control.

hwnd the control window handle
iMsg the message identifier to process
wParam first message parameter
lParam second message parameter
the result of the message processing which depend on the actual message processed

References AdaptSeparatorLength(), GWL, IDC_LINE_SEPARATOR, LINE_HEIGHT, s_pfnWndProc, SWL, text, and UT_ASSERT_HARMLESS.

static void AdaptSeparatorLength ( HWND  hwnd,
const wchar_t *  text,
HFONT  hFont 
) [static]

Function to adapt the separator line length to the remaining space available after the displayed text.

hwnd the conrol window handle
text the text to be shown by the control
hFont the font handle used to represent text

References IDC_LINE_SEPARATOR, LINE_HEIGHT, and UT_return_if_fail.

Referenced by _LabelledSeparatorWndProc().

bool XAP_Win32LabelledSeparator_RegisterClass ( XAP_Win32App app  ) 

Register the labelled separator control class with Windows. This function must be called before the first labelled separator control is created.

A labelled separator control is like a static control with a line extending at the end of the text portion. The labelled separator control adapt the separator length to the text width. Thus, localized label can be immediately followed by the separator line.

A labelled separator control can be created in a resource file by a statement like the following:

    CONTROL    "Actual label",IDC_OF_CONTROL,"AbiLabelledSeparator",0x0,7,17,116,8

The last four numbers are the usual x, y, width and height parameters in windows dialog coordinates.

app the application object
an indication of the class registration success

References XAP_Win32App::getInstance(), s_LabelledSeparatorWndClassName, s_pfnWndProc, and UT_ASSERT.

Referenced by XAP_Win32Dialog_ListDocuments::runModal(), XAP_Win32Dialog_History::runModal(), XAP_Win32Dialog_DocComparison::runModal(), AP_Win32Dialog_Paragraph::runModal(), AP_Win32Dialog_PageNumbers::runModal(), AP_Win32Dialog_MarkRevisions::runModal(), AP_Win32Dialog_ListRevisions::runModal(), AP_Win32Dialog_FormatFootnotes::runModal(), and AP_Win32Dialog_Break::runModal().

Variable Documentation

const wchar_t s_LabelledSeparatorWndClassName[] = "AbiLabelledSeparator" [static]

Windows control class name to use in the creation function or template.

Referenced by XAP_Win32LabelledSeparator_RegisterClass().

WNDPROC s_pfnWndProc [static]

Window procedure function of the control base class.

Referenced by _LabelledSeparatorWndProc(), and XAP_Win32LabelledSeparator_RegisterClass().