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xap_UnixTableWidget.cpp File Reference

#include "ut_compiler.h"
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <gdk/gdkkeysyms.h>
#include <gdk/gdk.h>
#include "xap_GtkUtils.h"
#include "xap_GtkStyle.h"
#include "xap_UnixTableWidget.h"
#include "ut_debugmsg.h"
#include "ut_assert.h"




ABI_W_POP void 
g_cclosure_user_marshal_VOID__UINT_UINT (GClosure *closure, GValue *, guint n_param_values, const GValue *param_values, gpointer, gpointer marshal_data)
static void cells_to_pixels (guint cols, guint rows, guint *w, guint *h)
static void pixels_to_cells (guint w, guint h, guint *cols, guint *rows)
static void abi_table_resize (AbiTable *table)
void abi_table_set_selected (AbiTable *abi_table, guint rows, guint cols)
void abi_table_get_selected (const AbiTable *abi_table, guint *rows, guint *cols)
void abi_table_set_max_size (AbiTable *abi_table, guint rows, guint cols)
void abi_table_set_labels (AbiTable *abi_table, const gchar *szTable, const gchar *szCancel)
void abi_table_get_max_size (const AbiTable *abi_table, guint *rows, guint *cols)
static gboolean on_drawing_area_event (GtkWidget *area, cairo_t *cr, gpointer user_data)
static guint my_max (guint a, guint b)
static gboolean on_motion_notify_event (GtkWidget *window, GdkEventMotion *ev, gpointer user_data)
static void restart_widget (AbiTable *table)
static void emit_selected (AbiTable *table)
static gboolean on_button_release_event (GtkWidget *, GdkEventButton *ev, gpointer user_data)
static gboolean on_leave_event (GtkWidget *area, GdkEventCrossing *event, gpointer user_data)
static gboolean popup_grab_on_window (GdkWindow *window, guint32 activate_time)
static void on_pressed (GtkButton *button, gpointer user_data)
gboolean on_key_event (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event, gpointer user_data)
void abi_table_set_icon (AbiTable *abi_table, GtkWidget *gtkImageIcon)
static void abi_table_dispose (GObject *instance)
static void abi_table_class_init (AbiTableClass *klass)
static void abi_table_init (AbiTable *table)
GType abi_table_get_type (void)
GtkWidget * abi_table_new (void)


static gint abi_table_signals [LAST_SIGNAL] = { 0 }
static GtkWidgetClass * abi_table_parent_class
static const guint cell_width = 24
static const guint cell_height = 24
static const guint cell_spacing = 4
static const guint init_rows = 0
static const guint init_cols = 0
static const char * widget_tb_insert_table_xpm []

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Function Documentation

static void abi_table_class_init ( AbiTableClass klass  )  [static]
static void abi_table_dispose ( GObject *  instance  )  [static]
void abi_table_get_max_size ( const AbiTable abi_table,
guint *  rows,
guint *  cols 
void abi_table_get_selected ( const AbiTable abi_table,
guint *  rows,
guint *  cols 
GType abi_table_get_type ( void   ) 

References abi_table_class_init(), abi_table_init(), and type.

Referenced by abi_table_new().

static void abi_table_init ( AbiTable table  )  [static]
GtkWidget* abi_table_new ( void   ) 
static void abi_table_resize ( AbiTable table  )  [static]
void abi_table_set_icon ( AbiTable abi_table,
GtkWidget *  gtkImageIcon 

References _AbiTable::icon.

void abi_table_set_labels ( AbiTable abi_table,
const gchar *  szTable,
const gchar *  szCancel 
void abi_table_set_max_size ( AbiTable abi_table,
guint  rows,
guint  cols 
void abi_table_set_selected ( AbiTable abi_table,
guint  rows,
guint  cols 
static void cells_to_pixels ( guint  cols,
guint  rows,
guint *  w,
guint *  h 
) [inline, static]
static void emit_selected ( AbiTable table  )  [static]
ABI_W_NO_CONST_QUAL static ABI_W_POP void g_cclosure_user_marshal_VOID__UINT_UINT ( GClosure *  closure,
GValue *  ,
guint  n_param_values,
const GValue *  param_values,
gpointer  ,
gpointer  marshal_data 
) [static]

References cc, UT_DEBUGMSG, UT_return_if_fail, and void().

Referenced by abi_table_class_init().

static guint my_max ( guint  a,
guint  b 
) [inline, static]
static gboolean on_button_release_event ( GtkWidget *  ,
GdkEventButton *  ev,
gpointer  user_data 
) [static]

References emit_selected(), and size.

Referenced by abi_table_init().

static gboolean on_drawing_area_event ( GtkWidget *  area,
cairo_t *  cr,
gpointer  user_data 
) [static]
gboolean on_key_event ( GtkWidget *  widget,
GdkEventKey *  event,
gpointer  user_data 
static gboolean on_leave_event ( GtkWidget *  area,
GdkEventCrossing *  event,
gpointer  user_data 
) [static]
static gboolean on_motion_notify_event ( GtkWidget *  window,
GdkEventMotion *  ev,
gpointer  user_data 
) [static]
static void on_pressed ( GtkButton *  button,
gpointer  user_data 
) [static]
static void pixels_to_cells ( guint  w,
guint  h,
guint *  cols,
guint *  rows 
) [inline, static]
static gboolean popup_grab_on_window ( GdkWindow *  window,
guint32  activate_time 
) [static]
static void restart_widget ( AbiTable table  )  [static]

Variable Documentation

GtkWidgetClass* abi_table_parent_class [static]
gint abi_table_signals[LAST_SIGNAL] = { 0 } [static]
const guint cell_height = 24 [static]
const guint cell_spacing = 4 [static]

Referenced by cells_to_pixels(), and pixels_to_cells().

const guint cell_width = 24 [static]
const guint init_cols = 0 [static]

Referenced by abi_table_init(), and restart_widget().

const guint init_rows = 0 [static]

Referenced by abi_table_init(), and restart_widget().

const char* widget_tb_insert_table_xpm[] [static]

Referenced by abi_table_init().