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xap_Gtk2Compat.h File Reference

#include "ut_types.h"
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gdk/gdkkeysyms-compat.h>

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typedef GdkWindow GdkDrawable


void XAP_gtk_color_button_set_rgba (GtkColorButton *colorbtn, const GdkRGBA *color)
void XAP_gtk_color_button_get_rgba (GtkColorButton *colorbtn, GdkRGBA *color)
GdkGrabStatus XAP_gdk_keyboard_grab (GdkWindow *window, gboolean owner_events, guint32 time_)
GdkGrabStatus XAP_gdk_pointer_grab (GdkWindow *window, gboolean owner_events, GdkEventMask event_mask, GdkWindow *confine_to, GdkCursor *cursor, guint32 time_)
void XAP_gdk_keyboard_ungrab (guint32 t)
void XAP_gdk_pointer_ungrab (guint32 t)

Typedef Documentation

typedef GdkWindow GdkDrawable

Function Documentation

GdkGrabStatus XAP_gdk_keyboard_grab ( GdkWindow *  window,
gboolean  owner_events,
guint32  time_ 
) [inline]

Referenced by popup_grab_on_window().

void XAP_gdk_keyboard_ungrab ( guint32  t  )  [inline]
GdkGrabStatus XAP_gdk_pointer_grab ( GdkWindow *  window,
gboolean  owner_events,
GdkEventMask  event_mask,
GdkWindow *  confine_to,
GdkCursor *  cursor,
guint32  time_ 
) [inline]

References UT_UNUSED.

Referenced by popup_grab_on_window().

void XAP_gdk_pointer_ungrab ( guint32  t  )  [inline]

Referenced by popup_grab_on_window().

void XAP_gtk_color_button_get_rgba ( GtkColorButton *  colorbtn,
GdkRGBA *  color 
) [inline]
void XAP_gtk_color_button_set_rgba ( GtkColorButton *  colorbtn,
const GdkRGBA *  color 
) [inline]