xap_CocoaTimer.h File Reference

#include "ut_types.h"

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void _checkLock (void)
UT_uint32 XAP_newCocoaTimer (UT_uint32 time, int(*proc)(void *), void *p)
void XAP_stopCocoaTimer (UT_uint32 timer)

Function Documentation

void _checkLock ( void   ) 

Check that the NSLock exist, and eventually lock it.

Referenced by XAP_newCocoaTimer(), and XAP_stopCocoaTimer().

UT_uint32 XAP_newCocoaTimer ( UT_uint32  time,
int(*)(void *)  proc,
void *  p 
void XAP_stopCocoaTimer ( UT_uint32  timer  ) 

References _checkLock().

Referenced by UT_UNIXTimer::stop().