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ut_Win32Misc.cpp File Reference

#include "ut_misc.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include <mswsock.h>
#include <snmp.h>
#include <nb30.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "ut_debugmsg.h"
#include "ut_Win32Resources.rc2"
#include "ut_Win32Timer.h"
#include "ut_Win32LocaleString.h"


struct  _ASTAT
class  UT_Win32AssertDlg




typedef struct _ASTAT ASTAT
typedef struct _ASTATPASTAT
typedef OUT HANDLE * hPollForTrapEvent
AsnObjectIdentifier * 
typedef IN OUT RFC1157VarBindList * variableBindings
typedef IN OUT
RFC1157VarBindList OUT
AsnInteger * 
typedef IN OUT
RFC1157VarBindList OUT
AsnInteger OUT AsnInteger * 
typedef AsnObjectIdentifier * ObjIdB
typedef AsnObjectIdentifier UINT Len
typedef AsnObjectIdentifier * SrcObjId
typedef LPWSADATA lpWSAData


void UT_gettimeofday (struct timeval *tv)
typedef BOOL (WINAPI *pSnmpExtensionInit)(IN DWORD dwTimeZeroReference
typedef VOID (WINAPI *pSnmpUtilVarBindFree)(RFC1157VarBind *VarBind)
typedef SNMPAPI (WINAPI *pSnmpUtilOidNCmp)(AsnObjectIdentifier *ObjIdA
typedef int (WINAPI *pWSAStartup)(WORD wVersionRequested
typedef UCHAR (WINAPI *pNetbios)(PNCB pncb)
bool UT_getEthernetAddress (UT_EthernetAddress &A)
int ABI_EXPORT UT_Win32ThrowAssert (const char *pCond, const char *pFile, int iLine, int iCount)

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Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _ASTAT ASTAT
typedef IN OUT RFC1157VarBindList OUT AsnInteger OUT AsnInteger* errorIndex
typedef IN OUT RFC1157VarBindList OUT AsnInteger* errorStatus
typedef OUT HANDLE* hPollForTrapEvent
typedef AsnObjectIdentifier UINT Len
typedef LPWSADATA lpWSAData
typedef AsnObjectIdentifier* ObjIdB
typedef struct _ASTAT * PASTAT
typedef AsnObjectIdentifier* SrcObjId
typedef OUT HANDLE OUT AsnObjectIdentifier* supportedView
typedef IN OUT RFC1157VarBindList* variableBindings

Function Documentation

typedef BOOL ( WINAPI *  pSnmpExtensionInit  ) 
typedef int ( WINAPI *  pWSAStartup  ) 
typedef SNMPAPI ( WINAPI *  pSnmpUtilOidNCmp  ) 
typedef UCHAR ( WINAPI *  pNetbios  ) 
bool UT_getEthernetAddress ( UT_EthernetAddress A  ) 

retrieve the 6-byte address of the network card; returns true on success

References _ASTAT::adapt, UT_ASSERT, UT_DEBUGMSG, UT_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, UT_return_val_if_fail, and UT_UNUSED.

void UT_gettimeofday ( struct timeval *  tv  ) 

UT_gettimeofday() fills in the timeval structure with current time; the platform implementation needs to be as accurate as possible since this function is used in the UT_UUID class.

this implementation is from:

int ABI_EXPORT UT_Win32ThrowAssert ( const char *  pCond,
const char *  pFile,
int  iLine,
int  iCount 

This function wraps arround the Assert dialog class and handles the returned responses; it will abort application if the user chose Abort.

: 0 -- give control to debugger > 0 ignore this time < 0 ignore always

References UT_Win32AssertDlg::AN_Abort, UT_Win32AssertDlg::AN_Debug, UT_Win32AssertDlg::AN_Ignore, UT_Win32AssertDlg::AN_IgnoreAll, and UT_Win32AssertDlg::runModal().

typedef VOID ( WINAPI *  pSnmpUtilVarBindFree  )