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pd_RDFSupportRed.h File Reference

#include <redland.h>
#include <rasqal.h>
#include "pd_DocumentRDF.h"
#include "pd_RDFSupport.h"

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struct  RedStatementHolder
class  RDFArguments
 A class purely to pass redland objects like world, parsers and models and other redland stuff to other methods without exposing their types in the header file. More...


librdf_world * getWorld ()
std::string tostr (librdf_node *n)
librdf_statement * toRedland (const PD_RDFStatement &st)
ABI_EXPORT std::string toString (librdf_uri *node)
ABI_EXPORT std::string toString (librdf_node *node)
void dumpModelToTest (RDFArguments &args)

Function Documentation

void dumpModelToTest ( RDFArguments args  ) 
librdf_world* getWorld (  ) 
librdf_statement* toRedland ( const PD_RDFStatement st  ) 
std::string tostr ( librdf_node *  n  ) 
ABI_EXPORT std::string toString ( librdf_node *  node  ) 
ABI_EXPORT std::string toString ( librdf_uri *  node  )