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AP_CocoaDialog_StylesModifyController Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

(IBAction) - basedOnAction:
(IBAction) - cancelAction:
(IBAction) - followStyleAction:
(IBAction) - formatAction:
(IBAction) - okAction:
(IBAction) - removeAction:
(IBAction) - shortcutAction:
(IBAction) - styleNameAction:
(IBAction) - styleTypeAction:
(void) - sheetDidEnd:returnCode:contextInfo:

Public Attributes

IBOutlet NSComboBox * _basedOnCombo
IBOutlet NSTextField * _basedOnLabel
IBOutlet NSButton * _cancelBtn
IBOutlet NSTextField * _desc
IBOutlet NSBox * _descBox
IBOutlet NSComboBox * _followStyleCombo
IBOutlet NSTextField * _followStyleLabel
IBOutlet NSPopUpButton * _formatPopupBtn
IBOutlet NSButton * _okBtn
IBOutlet XAP_CocoaNSView_preview
IBOutlet NSBox * _previewBox
IBOutlet NSButton * _removeBtn
IBOutlet NSComboBox * _removePropCombo
IBOutlet NSTextField * _removePropLabel
IBOutlet NSButton * _shortcutBtn
IBOutlet NSTextField * _styleNameData
IBOutlet NSTextField * _styleNameLabel
IBOutlet NSComboBox * _styleTypeCombo
IBOutlet NSTextField * _styleTypeLabel
AP_CocoaDialog_Styles * _xap

Member Function Documentation

- (IBAction) basedOnAction: (id sender  

References _xap, and UT_UNUSED.

- (IBAction) cancelAction: (id sender  

References _xap, and UT_UNUSED.

- (IBAction) followStyleAction: (id sender  

References _xap, and UT_UNUSED.

- (IBAction) formatAction: (id sender  

References _xap.

- (IBAction) okAction: (id sender  

References _xap, and UT_UNUSED.

- (IBAction) removeAction: (id sender  

References _xap, and UT_UNUSED.

- (void) sheetDidEnd: (NSWindow*)  sheet
returnCode: (int)  returnCode
contextInfo: (void *)  c 

References _xap, and UT_UNUSED.

- (IBAction) shortcutAction: (id sender  

References UT_UNUSED.

- (IBAction) styleNameAction: (id sender  

References _xap, and UT_UNUSED.

- (IBAction) styleTypeAction: (id sender  

References _xap, and UT_UNUSED.

Member Data Documentation

- (IBOutlet NSComboBox*) _basedOnCombo
- (IBOutlet NSTextField*) _basedOnLabel
- (IBOutlet NSButton*) _cancelBtn
- (IBOutlet NSTextField*) _desc
- (IBOutlet NSBox*) _descBox
- (IBOutlet NSComboBox*) _followStyleCombo
- (IBOutlet NSTextField*) _followStyleLabel
- (IBOutlet NSPopUpButton*) _formatPopupBtn
- (IBOutlet NSButton*) _okBtn
- (IBOutlet XAP_CocoaNSView*) _preview
- (IBOutlet NSBox*) _previewBox
- (IBOutlet NSButton*) _removeBtn
- (IBOutlet NSComboBox*) _removePropCombo
- (IBOutlet NSTextField*) _removePropLabel
- (IBOutlet NSButton*) _shortcutBtn
- (IBOutlet NSTextField*) _styleNameData
- (IBOutlet NSTextField*) _styleNameLabel
- (IBOutlet NSComboBox*) _styleTypeCombo
- (IBOutlet NSTextField*) _styleTypeLabel

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