ie_math_convert.h File Reference

#include "ut_types.h"
#include "ut_string.h"
#include "ut_string_class.h"

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ABI_EXPORT bool convertMathMLtoLaTeX (const UT_UTF8String &sMathML, UT_UTF8String &sLaTeX)
ABI_EXPORT bool convertLaTeXtoEqn (const UT_UTF8String &sLaTeX, UT_UTF8String &eqnLaTeX)
ABI_EXPORT bool convertOMMLtoMathML (const std::string &pOMML, std::string &pMathML)
ABI_EXPORT bool convertMathMLtoOMML (const std::string &rMathML, std::string &rOMML)

Function Documentation

ABI_EXPORT bool convertLaTeXtoEqn ( const UT_UTF8String sLaTeX,
UT_UTF8String eqnLaTeX 
ABI_EXPORT bool convertMathMLtoLaTeX ( const UT_UTF8String sMathML,
UT_UTF8String sLaTeX 
ABI_EXPORT bool convertMathMLtoOMML ( const std::string &  rMathML,
std::string &  rOMML 
ABI_EXPORT bool convertOMMLtoMathML ( const std::string &  pOMML,
std::string &  pMathML