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ie_imp_OpenWriter.cpp File Reference

#include <gsf/gsf-input-stdio.h>
#include <gsf/gsf-infile.h>
#include <gsf/gsf-infile-zip.h>
#include "ut_locale.h"
#include <math.h>
#include "ie_impexp_OpenWriter.h"
#include "ie_impGraphic.h"
#include "fg_Graphic.h"
#include "fg_GraphicRaster.h"
#include "pd_Document.h"
#include "pd_Style.h"
#include "ut_xml.h"
#include "ut_misc.h"
#include "ut_string.h"
#include "ut_string_class.h"
#include "ut_std_string.h"
#include "ut_bytebuf.h"
#include "ut_hash.h"
#include "ut_vector.h"
#include "ut_stack.h"
#include "ut_math.h"
#include "ut_debugmsg.h"


class  OO_PageStyle
class  OO_Style
class  IE_Imp_OpenWriter
class  OpenWriter_Stream_Listener
class  OpenWriter_MetaStream_Listener
class  OpenWriter_SettingsStream_Listener
class  OpenWriter_StylesStream_Listener
class  OpenWriter_ContentStream_Listener


#define APPEND_STYLE(sty)   if (sty.size()) m_sectionProps += sty;
#define APPEND_STYLE(sty)   if (sty.size()) { m_styleProps += sty; }


static UT_Error loadStream (GsfInfile *oo, const char *stream, const UT_ByteBufPtr &buf)
static UT_Error parseStream (GsfInfile *oo, const char *stream, UT_XML &parser)
static UT_Error handleStream (GsfInfile *oo, const char *stream, OpenWriter_Stream_Listener &listener)


static IE_SuffixConfidence IE_Imp_OpenWriter_Sniffer__SuffixConfidence []
static const size_t BUF_SZ = 4096

Define Documentation

#define APPEND_STYLE (   sty  )     if (sty.size()) m_sectionProps += sty;
#define APPEND_STYLE (   sty  )     if (sty.size()) { m_styleProps += sty; }

Function Documentation

static UT_Error handleStream ( GsfInfile *  oo,
const char *  stream,
OpenWriter_Stream_Listener listener 
) [static]

Handle the stream using the listener . Tries to abstract away how we're actually going to handle how we read the stream, so that the underlying implementation can easily adapt or change

References parseStream(), and UT_XML::setListener().

Referenced by IE_Imp_OpenWriter::_handleContentStream(), IE_Imp_OpenWriter::_handleMetaStream(), IE_Imp_OpenWriter::_handleSettingsStream(), and IE_Imp_OpenWriter::_handleStylesStream().

static UT_Error loadStream ( GsfInfile *  oo,
const char *  stream,
const UT_ByteBufPtr buf 
) [static]
static UT_Error parseStream ( GsfInfile *  oo,
const char *  stream,
UT_XML parser 
) [static]

Static utility method to read a file/stream embedded inside of the zipfile into an xml parser

References UT_XML::parse().

Referenced by handleStream().

Variable Documentation

const size_t BUF_SZ = 4096 [static]
Initial value: