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ie_impGraphic_GdkPixbuf.cpp File Reference

#include "ie_impGraphic_GdkPixbuf.h"


struct  SuffixInfo




static void _write_png (png_structp png_ptr, png_bytep data, png_size_t length)
static const SuffixInfos_getSuffixInfo (void)
static gint format_check (GdkPixbufFormat *info, const guchar *buffer, int size)
static bool _gdk_pixbuf_get_module (const guchar *buffer, guint size)

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static bool _gdk_pixbuf_get_module ( const guchar *  buffer,
guint  size 
) [static]
static void _write_png ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_bytep  data,
png_size_t  length 
) [static]

This class will import any graphic type supported by gdk-pixbuf into a png buffer for abiword.

References UT_ByteBuf::append().

static gint format_check ( GdkPixbufFormat *  info,
const guchar *  buffer,
int  size 
) [static]

References gchar.

Referenced by _gdk_pixbuf_get_module().

static const SuffixInfo* s_getSuffixInfo ( void   )  [static]

Get the null terminated array of recognized suffixes.

References SuffixInfo::count, gchar, and SuffixInfo::suffixes.

Referenced by IE_ImpGraphicGdkPixbuf_Sniffer::getDlgLabels(), and IE_ImpGraphicGdkPixbuf_Sniffer::getSuffixConfidence().