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ie_exp_Psion.cpp File Reference

#include "ie_exp_Psion.h"
#include "ut_string.h"
#include "ut_stringbuf.h"
#include "ut_bytebuf.h"
#include "ut_units.h"
#include "ut_debugmsg.h"
#include "ut_wctomb.h"
#include "ut_assert.h"
#include "pt_Types.h"
#include "pd_Document.h"
#include "pp_AttrProp.h"
#include "px_ChangeRecord.h"
#include "px_CR_Object.h"
#include "px_CR_Span.h"
#include "px_CR_Strux.h"
#include "pd_Style.h"
#include "fd_Field.h"
#include "png.h"
#include <psiconv/generate.h>


struct  _bb


static psiconv_ucs2 * utf8_to_ucs2 (const gchar *input)
static int hexDigitToDec (char in)
static void parseColor (const char *input, psiconv_color color)
static void parseTab (char *input, psiconv_tab tab)
static bool parseTabs (const char *input, psiconv_tab_list tabs)
static bool parseFont (const char *fontname, psiconv_font font)
static bool updateCharacterLayout (const PP_AttrProp *pAP, psiconv_character_layout layout)
static bool updateParagraphLayout (const PP_AttrProp *pAP, psiconv_paragraph_layout layout)
static void read_png_data (png_structp png_ptr, png_bytep data, png_size_t length)

Function Documentation

static int hexDigitToDec ( char  in  )  [static]

Translate a hex digit character token to its decimal value

Referenced by parseColor().

static void parseColor ( const char *  input,
psiconv_color  color 
) [static]

Parse a color value

The color is in the input parameter, in AbiWord format. Example formats: 000000 ffffff ab6e10

References hexDigitToDec().

Referenced by updateCharacterLayout().

static bool parseFont ( const char *  fontname,
psiconv_font  font 
) [static]

Parse a font

References utf8_to_ucs2().

Referenced by updateCharacterLayout().

static void parseTab ( char *  input,
psiconv_tab  tab 
) [static]

Parse a single tab (clobbering the input!)

The tab is in the input parameter, in AbiWord format Example formats: 7.315cm/C 6.4322in/R Note that the input string is changed for efficiency reasons. As this function is only meant to be called from parseTabs, that is no problem.

References DIM_CM, and UT_convertToDimension().

Referenced by parseTabs().

static bool parseTabs ( const char *  input,
psiconv_tab_list  tabs 
) [static]

Parse all tabs

The tabs are in the input parameter, in AbiWord format. Example format: 7.315cm/C,14.641cm/R

References parseTab().

Referenced by updateParagraphLayout().

static void read_png_data ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_bytep  data,
png_size_t  length 
) [static]

Auxiliary function for use with libpng: read data from a ByteBuf.

This function reads data for use with libpng. The data was put into a ByteBuf. Libpng does not tell us what data we have already read, so we must remember that ourselves. That is why we use the ultra-ugly _bb.

References _bb::iCurPos, _bb::pBB, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by PL_Psion_Listener::_insertImage().

static bool updateCharacterLayout ( const PP_AttrProp pAP,
psiconv_character_layout  layout 
) [static]
static bool updateParagraphLayout ( const PP_AttrProp pAP,
psiconv_paragraph_layout  layout 
) [static]

Update all paragraph layout with the properties pointed to.

References DIM_CM, DIM_PT, gchar, PP_AttrProp::getProperty(), parseTabs(), and UT_convertToDimension().

Referenced by PL_Psion_Listener::_openParagraph(), and PL_Psion_Listener::_setStyleLayout().

static psiconv_ucs2* utf8_to_ucs2 ( const gchar *  input  )  [static]

Convert a AbiWord UTF8 string to a Psiconv UCS2 string.

Returns NULL on error.

References tls_tunnel::read(), and UT_convert().

Referenced by PL_Psion_Listener::_insertImage(), PL_Psion_Listener::_openParagraph(), PL_Psion_Listener::_processStyles(), and parseFont().