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ie_exp_HTML_util.h File Reference

#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <algorithm>
#include <gsf/gsf-output.h>
#include <ie_TOC.h>
#include <ie_Table.h>
#include <pd_Document.h>
#include <ut_go_file.h>
#include <ut_string_class.h>
#include <ut_types.h>
#include <ut_debugmsg.h>
#include <ut_base64.h>

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class  IE_Exp_HTML_DataExporter
class  IE_Exp_HTML_FileExporter
class  IE_Exp_HTML_MultipartExporter
class  IE_Exp_HTML_OutputWriter
 Utility class that allows write character data or UTF8 strings. More...
class  IE_Exp_HTML_FileWriter
class  IE_Exp_HTML_StringWriter
class  IE_Exp_HTML_TagWriter
 Utility class that gives simple interface to create HTML and XML documents. More...


#define MYEOL   "\n"
#define FILES_DIR_NAME   "_files"
#define MULTIPART_BOUNDARY   "AbiWord_multipart_boundary____________"
#define MULTIPART_FIELD(key, value)   UT_UTF8String_sprintf("%s : %s\n", key, value)


UT_UTF8String s_string_to_url (const UT_String &str)
UT_UTF8String s_string_to_url (const UT_UTF8String &str)
bool is_CSS (const char *prop_name, const char **prop_default=0)
void s_removeWhiteSpace (const char *text, std::string &utf8str, bool bLowerCase=true)
UT_UTF8String ConvertToClean (const UT_UTF8String &str)
UT_UTF8String getStyleSizeString (const gchar *szWidth, double widthPercentage, UT_Dimension widthDim, const gchar *szHeight, UT_Dimension heightDim, bool bUseScale)
bool getPropertySize (const PP_AttrProp *pAP, const gchar *szWidthProp, const gchar *szHeightProp, const gchar **szWidth, double &widthPercentage, const gchar **szHeight, double dPageWidthInches, double dSecLeftMarginInches, double dSecRightMarginInches, double dCellWidthInches, ie_Table &tableHelper)


const char * s_prop_list []
const UT_uint32 s_PropListLen
const char s_DTD_XHTML_AWML []
const char s_DTD_XHTML []
const char s_DTD_HTML4 []
const char s_Delimiter []
const char s_HeaderCompact []
bool m_bSecondPass
bool m_bInAFENote
bool m_bInAnnotation
UT_UTF8String sMathSVGScript
UT_UTF8String sStyleSheet
const char * s_Header [2]

Define Documentation

#define FILES_DIR_NAME   "_files"
#define MULTIPART_BOUNDARY   "AbiWord_multipart_boundary____________"
#define MULTIPART_FIELD (   key,
)    UT_UTF8String_sprintf("%s : %s\n", key, value)
#define MYEOL   "\n"

Function Documentation

UT_UTF8String ConvertToClean ( const UT_UTF8String str  ) 
bool getPropertySize ( const PP_AttrProp pAP,
const gchar *  szWidthProp,
const gchar *  szHeightProp,
const gchar **  szWidth,
double &  widthPercentage,
const gchar **  szHeight,
double  dPageWidthInches,
double  dSecLeftMarginInches,
double  dSecRightMarginInches,
double  dCellWidthInches,
ie_Table tableHelper 
UT_UTF8String getStyleSizeString ( const gchar *  szWidth,
double  widthPercentage,
UT_Dimension  widthDim,
const gchar *  szHeight,
UT_Dimension  heightDim,
bool  bUseScale 
bool is_CSS ( const char *  prop_name,
const char **  prop_default 

This function returns true if the given property is a valid CSS property. It is based on the list in pp_Property.cpp, and, as such, is quite brittle.

prop_default may be zero on return, indicating that the default is not fixed

References s_prop_list, and s_PropListLen.

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML_Listener::_makeStylesheet(), and IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree().

void s_removeWhiteSpace ( const char *  text,
std::string &  utf8str,
bool  bLowerCase 

This function copies a string to a new string, removing all the white space in the process.

References UT_tolower().

Referenced by IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree::IE_Exp_HTML_StyleTree().

UT_UTF8String s_string_to_url ( const UT_String str  ) 

References UT_String::c_str().

Referenced by s_string_to_url().

UT_UTF8String s_string_to_url ( const UT_UTF8String str  ) 

Variable Documentation

const char s_Delimiter[]
const char s_DTD_HTML4[]
const char s_DTD_XHTML[]
const char s_DTD_XHTML_AWML[]
const char* s_Header[2]
const char s_HeaderCompact[]
const char* s_prop_list[]

Referenced by is_CSS().