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go-color-group.c File Reference

#include <goffice/goffice-config.h>
#include <goffice/goffice.h>
#include <gsf/gsf-impl-utils.h>
#include <string.h>


struct  GOColorGroupClass




static void go_color_group_finalize (GObject *obj)
static void go_color_group_class_init (GOColorGroupClass *klass)
static void go_color_group_init (GOColorGroup *cg)
: target name

go_color_group_fetch :

: identifying context

if name is NULL or a name not currently in use by another group then a new group is created and returned. If name was NULL then the new group is given a unique name prefixed by "__cg_autogen_name__" (thereby insuring namespace separation). If name was already used by a group then the reference count is incremented and a pointer to the group is returned.

Returns: A GOColorGroup

static guint cg_hash (GOColorGroup const *key)
static gint cg_equal (GOColorGroup const *a, GOColorGroup const *b)
GOColorGroupgo_color_group_fetch (char const *name, gpointer context)
void go_color_group_add_color (GOColorGroup *cg, GOColor c)
 go_color_group_add_color : : GOColorGroup : the color


static GObjectClass * go_color_group_parent_class
static guint go_color_group_signals [LAST_SIGNAL] = { 0 }
static GHashTable * go_color_groups = NULL

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Function Documentation

static gint cg_equal ( GOColorGroup const *  a,
GOColorGroup const *  b 
) [static]
static guint cg_hash ( GOColorGroup const *  key  )  [static]

References GOColorGroup::name.

Referenced by go_color_group_fetch().

void go_color_group_add_color ( GOColorGroup cg,
GOColor  c 

go_color_group_add_color : : GOColorGroup : the color

Potentially slide the history to add the new colour. If it was already in the history reorder.

Referenced by get_index(), and set_color().

static void go_color_group_class_init ( GOColorGroupClass klass  )  [static]
GOColorGroup* go_color_group_fetch ( char const *  name,
gpointer  context 
static void go_color_group_finalize ( GObject *  obj  )  [static]
static void go_color_group_init ( GOColorGroup cg  )  [static]

Variable Documentation

GObjectClass* go_color_group_parent_class [static]
guint go_color_group_signals[LAST_SIGNAL] = { 0 } [static]
GHashTable* go_color_groups = NULL [static]