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s_WML_Listener Class Reference

#include <ie_exp_WML.h>

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Public Member Functions

 s_WML_Listener (PD_Document *pDocument, IE_Exp_WML *pie)
virtual ~s_WML_Listener ()
virtual bool populate (fl_ContainerLayout *sfh, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr)
virtual bool populateStrux (pf_Frag_Strux *sdh, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr, fl_ContainerLayout **psfh)
virtual bool change (fl_ContainerLayout *sfh, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr)
virtual bool insertStrux (fl_ContainerLayout *sfh, const PX_ChangeRecord *pcr, pf_Frag_Strux *sdh, PL_ListenerId lid, void(*pfnBindHandles)(pf_Frag_Strux *sdhNew, PL_ListenerId lid, fl_ContainerLayout *sfhNew))
virtual bool signal (UT_uint32 iSignal)

Protected Member Functions

void _closeSection (void)
void _closeBlock (void)
void _closeSpan (void)
void _closeAnchor (void)
void _closeHyperlink (void)
void _openParagraph (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _openSection (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _openSpan (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _openTable (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _closeTable (void)
void _openCell (void)
void _openRow (void)
void _closeCell (void)
void _closeRow (void)
void _outputData (const UT_UCSChar *p, UT_uint32 length)
void _outputDataUnchecked (const UT_UCSChar *p, UT_uint32 length)
void _handleDataItems (void)
void _handleBookmark (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _handleEmbedded (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _handleField (const PX_ChangeRecord_Object *pcro, PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _handleHyperlink (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _handleImage (PT_AttrPropIndex api, bool bPos=false)
void _handleMath (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
void _handleMetaData (void)
void _emitTOC (PT_AttrPropIndex api)
bool _styleDescendsFrom (const char *style_name, const char *base_name)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bInSection
bool m_bInBlock
bool m_bInSpan
bool m_bInAnchor
bool m_bInHyperlink
bool m_bInCell
bool m_bInRow
bool m_bInTable
bool m_bPendingClose
bool m_bWasSpace
UT_uint32 m_iCards
UT_uint32 m_iTableDepth
const PP_AttrPropm_pAP_Span
UT_Vector m_utvDataIDs
ie_Table mTableHelper
UT_uint32 m_heading_count

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

s_WML_Listener::s_WML_Listener ( PD_Document pDocument,
IE_Exp_WML pie 
s_WML_Listener::~s_WML_Listener (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void s_WML_Listener::_closeAnchor ( void   )  [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_closeBlock ( void   )  [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_closeCell ( void   )  [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_closeHyperlink ( void   )  [protected]

References m_bInHyperlink, m_pie, and IE_Exp::write().

Referenced by _closeBlock(), and _handleHyperlink().

void s_WML_Listener::_closeRow ( void   )  [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_closeSection ( void   )  [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_closeSpan ( void   )  [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_closeTable ( void   )  [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_openCell ( void   )  [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_openRow ( void   )  [protected]

References m_bInRow, m_pie, and IE_Exp::write().

Referenced by _openCell().

void s_WML_Listener::_outputData ( const UT_UCSChar p,
UT_uint32  length 
) [protected]
void s_WML_Listener::_outputDataUnchecked ( const UT_UCSChar p,
UT_uint32  length 
) [protected]
bool s_WML_Listener::_styleDescendsFrom ( const char *  style_name,
const char *  base_name 
) [protected]
bool s_WML_Listener::change ( fl_ContainerLayout sfh,
const PX_ChangeRecord pcr 
) [virtual]

Implements PL_Listener.


virtual bool s_WML_Listener::insertStrux ( fl_ContainerLayout sfh,
const PX_ChangeRecord pcr,
pf_Frag_Strux sdh,
PL_ListenerId  lid,
void(*)(pf_Frag_Strux *sdhNew, PL_ListenerId lid, fl_ContainerLayout *sfhNew)  pfnBindHandles 
) [virtual]

Implements PL_Listener.

bool s_WML_Listener::signal ( UT_uint32  iSignal  )  [virtual]

Implements PL_Listener.


Member Data Documentation

bool s_WML_Listener::m_bInSpan [protected]

Referenced by _closeSpan(), and _openSpan().

bool s_WML_Listener::m_bWasSpace [protected]

Referenced by _outputDataUnchecked().

Referenced by _closeSpan(), and _openSpan().

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