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pt_VarSet Class Reference

#include <pt_VarSet.h>

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Public Member Functions

 pt_VarSet ()
 ~pt_VarSet ()
void setPieceTableState (PTState pts)
bool appendBuf (const UT_UCSChar *pBuf, UT_uint32 length, PT_BufIndex *pbi)
bool storeAP (const PP_PropertyVector &vecAttributes, PT_AttrPropIndex *papi)
const UT_UCSChargetPointer (PT_BufIndex bi) const
PT_BufIndex getBufIndex (PT_BufIndex bi, UT_uint32 offset) const
bool isContiguous (PT_BufIndex bi, UT_uint32 length, PT_BufIndex bi2) const
const PP_AttrPropgetAP (PT_AttrPropIndex api) const
bool mergeAP (PTChangeFmt ptc, PT_AttrPropIndex apiOld, const PP_PropertyVector &attributes, const PP_PropertyVector &properties, PT_AttrPropIndex *papiNew, PD_Document *pDoc)
bool addIfUniqueAP (PP_AttrProp *pAP, PT_AttrPropIndex *papi)
bool overwriteBuf (UT_UCSChar *pBuf, UT_uint32 length, PT_BufIndex *pbi)

Private Member Functions

UT_uint32 _subscriptFromBufIndex (PT_BufIndex bi) const
UT_uint32 _subscriptFromAPIndex (PT_AttrPropIndex api) const
UT_uint32 _varsetFromBufIndex (PT_BufIndex bi) const
UT_uint32 _varsetFromAPIndex (PT_AttrPropIndex api) const
PT_BufIndex _makeBufIndex (UT_uint32 varset, UT_uint32 subscript) const
PT_AttrPropIndex _makeAPIndex (UT_uint32 varset, UT_uint32 subscript) const
bool _finishConstruction (void)

Private Attributes

bool m_bInitialized
UT_uint32 m_currentVarSet
UT_GrowBuf m_buffer [2]
pp_TableAttrProp m_tableAttrProp [2]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pt_VarSet::pt_VarSet (  ) 

This class is used to store and manipulate collections of Attributes /Properties.

Amongst it purposes this class: 1. Provides a integer index to every unique Attribute/Property collection. 2. (addFmt) Merges additional Attributes and properties into an existing collection of attributes/properties. 3. (removeFmt) Removes attributes/properties from an existing collection of Attributes properties.

References m_bInitialized, and m_currentVarSet.

pt_VarSet::~pt_VarSet (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool pt_VarSet::_finishConstruction ( void   )  [private]

References m_bInitialized, and m_tableAttrProp.

Referenced by storeAP().

PT_AttrPropIndex pt_VarSet::_makeAPIndex ( UT_uint32  varset,
UT_uint32  subscript 
) const [inline, private]

Referenced by addIfUniqueAP(), and storeAP().

PT_BufIndex pt_VarSet::_makeBufIndex ( UT_uint32  varset,
UT_uint32  subscript 
) const [inline, private]

Referenced by appendBuf().

UT_uint32 pt_VarSet::_subscriptFromAPIndex ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  const [inline, private]
UT_uint32 pt_VarSet::_subscriptFromBufIndex ( PT_BufIndex  bi  )  const [inline, private]

Referenced by overwriteBuf().

UT_uint32 pt_VarSet::_varsetFromAPIndex ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  const [inline, private]
UT_uint32 pt_VarSet::_varsetFromBufIndex ( PT_BufIndex  bi  )  const [inline, private]

Referenced by overwriteBuf().

bool pt_VarSet::addIfUniqueAP ( PP_AttrProp pAP,
PT_AttrPropIndex papi 
bool pt_VarSet::appendBuf ( const UT_UCSChar pBuf,
UT_uint32  length,
PT_BufIndex pbi 
const PP_AttrProp* pt_VarSet::getAP ( PT_AttrPropIndex  api  )  const [inline]
PT_BufIndex pt_VarSet::getBufIndex ( PT_BufIndex  bi,
UT_uint32  offset 
) const [inline]
const UT_UCSChar* pt_VarSet::getPointer ( PT_BufIndex  bi  )  const [inline]

Referenced by isContiguous().

bool pt_VarSet::isContiguous ( PT_BufIndex  bi,
UT_uint32  length,
PT_BufIndex  bi2 
) const
bool pt_VarSet::mergeAP ( PTChangeFmt  ptc,
PT_AttrPropIndex  apiOld,
const PP_PropertyVector attributes,
const PP_PropertyVector properties,
PT_AttrPropIndex papiNew,
PD_Document pDoc 
bool pt_VarSet::overwriteBuf ( UT_UCSChar pBuf,
UT_uint32  length,
PT_BufIndex pbi 
void pt_VarSet::setPieceTableState ( PTState  pts  ) 
bool pt_VarSet::storeAP ( const PP_PropertyVector vecAttributes,
PT_AttrPropIndex papi 

Member Data Documentation

bool pt_VarSet::m_bInitialized [private]

Referenced by appendBuf(), and overwriteBuf().

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