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fp_ShadowContainer Class Reference

#include <fp_Column.h>

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fp_VerticalContainer fp_Container fp_ContainerObject

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Public Member Functions

 fp_ShadowContainer (UT_sint32 iX, UT_sint32 iY, UT_sint32 iWidth, UT_sint32 iHeight, fl_SectionLayout *pSL)
 ~fp_ShadowContainer ()
fl_HdrFtrSectionLayoutgetHdrFtrSectionLayout (void) const
fl_HdrFtrShadowgetShadow ()
virtual void draw (dg_DrawArgs *)
virtual void draw (GR_Graphics *)
virtual void layout (void)
void layout (bool bForce)
virtual void clearScreen (void)
void clearHdrFtrBoundaries (void)
void setPage (fp_Page *pPage)
virtual fp_PagegetPage (void) const

Protected Member Functions

void _drawHdrFtrBoundaries (dg_DrawArgs *pDA)

Private Attributes

bool m_bHdrFtrBoxDrawn
UT_sint32 m_ixoffBegin
UT_sint32 m_iyoffBegin
UT_sint32 m_ixoffEnd
UT_sint32 m_iyoffEnd

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fp_ShadowContainer::fp_ShadowContainer ( UT_sint32  iX,
UT_sint32  iY,
UT_sint32  iWidth,
UT_sint32  iHeight,
fl_SectionLayout pSectionLayout 

This container is actually to display HdrFtrShadows which are repeated for every page in the document. If the text is too high it is clipped to to fit in the container. It's up to the user to adjust the height of the header/footer region to fit the text.

References fp_VerticalContainer::_setX(), fp_VerticalContainer::_setY(), m_bHdrFtrBoxDrawn, fp_VerticalContainer::setHeight(), fp_VerticalContainer::setMaxHeight(), and fp_VerticalContainer::setWidth().

fp_ShadowContainer::~fp_ShadowContainer (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void fp_ShadowContainer::clearHdrFtrBoundaries ( void   ) 
void fp_ShadowContainer::clearScreen ( void   )  [virtual]
virtual void fp_ShadowContainer::draw ( GR_Graphics  )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_VerticalContainer.

fl_HdrFtrSectionLayout * fp_ShadowContainer::getHdrFtrSectionLayout ( void   )  const
virtual fp_Page* fp_ShadowContainer::getPage ( void   )  const [inline, virtual]
void fp_ShadowContainer::layout ( void   )  [virtual]
void fp_ShadowContainer::setPage ( fp_Page pPage  ) 

Set the page for this shadow. Also set the fg_FillType parent.

References fp_Page::getFillType(), fp_Container::getFillType(), m_pPage, and fg_FillType::setParent().

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by setPage().

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