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fp_HdrFtrContainer Class Reference

#include <fp_Column.h>

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fp_VerticalContainer fp_Container fp_ContainerObject

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Public Member Functions

 fp_HdrFtrContainer (UT_sint32 iWidth, fl_SectionLayout *pSL)
 ~fp_HdrFtrContainer ()
fl_HdrFtrSectionLayoutgetHdrFtrSectionLayout (void) const
virtual void draw (dg_DrawArgs *)
virtual void layout (void)
virtual void clearScreen (void)
void getScreenOffsets (fp_ContainerObject *pContainer, UT_sint32 &xoff, UT_sint32 &yoff)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fp_HdrFtrContainer::fp_HdrFtrContainer ( UT_sint32  iWidth,
fl_SectionLayout pSectionLayout 

Ok this container class is for the hdrftrSectionLayout. It never gets drawn on the screen, only the shadows get drawn. The page pointer contains a NULL. This makes it possible to format the hdrftrSectionLayout and to do editting operations on header/footers like regular text.

iwidth width of the page in pixels?? I think.
IwidthLayout width of the screen in layout units
fl_SectionLayout * pSectionLayout pointer to the fl_HdrFtrSectionLayout that owns this container.

References fp_VerticalContainer::_setX(), fp_VerticalContainer::_setY(), fp_VerticalContainer::setHeight(), and fp_VerticalContainer::setWidth().

fp_HdrFtrContainer::~fp_HdrFtrContainer (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void fp_HdrFtrContainer::clearScreen ( void   )  [virtual]

NOP's for clear screen.

Reimplemented from fp_VerticalContainer.

void fp_HdrFtrContainer::draw ( dg_DrawArgs  )  [virtual]

NOP for Draw's

pDA Draw arguments

Reimplemented from fp_VerticalContainer.

fl_HdrFtrSectionLayout * fp_HdrFtrContainer::getHdrFtrSectionLayout ( void   )  const

Returns a pointer to the HdrFtrSectionLayout that owns this container

References FL_SECTION_HDRFTR, fp_ContainerObject::getSectionLayout(), and UT_ASSERT.

void fp_HdrFtrContainer::getScreenOffsets ( fp_ContainerObject pContainer,
UT_sint32 xoff,
UT_sint32 yoff 

Get line's offsets relative to the screen for this method we just return -100000 since virtual containers are never drawn.

pContainer Container
Return values:
xoff Container's X offset relative the screen actually -10000
yoff Container's Y offset relative the screen actually -10000
void fp_HdrFtrContainer::layout ( void   )  [virtual]

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