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fp_EmbedRun Class Reference

#include <fp_EmbedRun.h>

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fp_Run fp_ContainerObject

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Public Member Functions

 fp_EmbedRun (fl_BlockLayout *pBL, PT_BlockOffset iOffsetFirst, PT_AttrPropIndex indexAP, pf_Frag_Object *oh)
virtual ~fp_EmbedRun (void)
virtual void mapXYToPosition (UT_sint32 xPos, UT_sint32 yPos, PT_DocPosition &pos, bool &bBOL, bool &bEOL, bool &isTOC)
virtual void findPointCoords (UT_uint32 iOffset, UT_sint32 &x, UT_sint32 &y, UT_sint32 &x2, UT_sint32 &y2, UT_sint32 &height, bool &bDirection)
virtual bool canBreakAfter (void) const
virtual bool canBreakBefore (void) const
virtual bool isSuperscript (void) const
virtual bool isSubscript (void) const
virtual bool hasLayoutProperties (void) const
virtual void updateVerticalMetric ()
GR_EmbedManagergetEmbedManager (void) const
bool isEdittable (void)
bool isResizeable (void)
const char * getDataID (void) const
UT_sint32 getUID (void) const
void update ()
EV_EditMouseContext getContextualMenu (void) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _lookupProperties (const PP_AttrProp *pSpanAP, const PP_AttrProp *pBlockAP, const PP_AttrProp *pSectionAP, GR_Graphics *pG=NULL)
void _lookupLocalProperties ()
virtual void _draw (dg_DrawArgs *)
virtual void _clearScreen (bool bFullLineHeightRect)
virtual bool _letPointPass (void) const
void _drawResizeBox (UT_Rect box)
UT_sint32 _getLayoutPropFromObject (const char *szProp) const
bool _updatePropValuesIfNeeded (void)
virtual bool _recalcWidth (void)

Protected Attributes

UT_sint32 m_iPointHeight
const PP_AttrPropm_pSpanAP
UT_uint32 m_iGraphicTick
const gchar * m_pszDataID
UT_UTF8String m_sEmbedML
UT_sint32 m_iEmbedUID
PT_AttrPropIndex m_iIndexAP
bool m_bNeedsSnapshot

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fp_EmbedRun::fp_EmbedRun ( fl_BlockLayout pBL,
PT_BlockOffset  iOffsetFirst,
PT_AttrPropIndex  indexAP,
pf_Frag_Object oh 
fp_EmbedRun::~fp_EmbedRun ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void fp_EmbedRun::_clearScreen ( bool  bFullLineHeightRect  )  [protected, virtual]
void fp_EmbedRun::_drawResizeBox ( UT_Rect  box  )  [protected]
UT_sint32 fp_EmbedRun::_getLayoutPropFromObject ( const char *  szProp  )  const [protected]

This method is used to determine the value of the layout properties of the embed runs. The values returned are in logical units. The properties are "height","width","ascent","decent". If the propeties are not defined return -1

References PD_Document::getAPIFromSOH(), PD_Document::getAttrProp(), fp_Run::getBlock(), fl_Layout::getDocument(), PP_AttrProp::getProperty(), m_OH, and UT_convertToLogicalUnits().

Referenced by _draw(), and _lookupProperties().

bool fp_EmbedRun::_letPointPass ( void   )  const [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_Run.

void fp_EmbedRun::_lookupLocalProperties (  )  [protected]
void fp_EmbedRun::_lookupProperties ( const PP_AttrProp pSpanAP,
const PP_AttrProp pBlockAP,
const PP_AttrProp pSectionAP,
GR_Graphics pG = NULL 
) [protected, virtual]

Implements fp_Run.

References fp_Run::_getFont(), _getLayoutPropFromObject(), fp_Run::_setAscent(), fp_Run::_setDescent(), fp_Run::_setFont(), fp_Run::_setHeight(), fp_Run::_setWidth(), _updatePropValuesIfNeeded(), GR_Graphics::DGP_PAPER, FL_DocLayout::findFont(), gchar, GR_EmbedManager::getAscent(), PP_AttrProp::getAttribute(), fp_Run::getBlock(), fp_Run::getBlockAP(), fl_DocSectionLayout::getBottomMargin(), GR_EmbedManager::getDescent(), fl_SectionLayout::getDocLayout(), fl_BlockLayout::getDocLayout(), fl_BlockLayout::getDocSectionLayout(), fl_Layout::getDocument(), FL_DocLayout::getEmbedManager(), getEmbedManager(), fl_DocSectionLayout::getFirstContainer(), GR_Graphics::getFontAscent(), GR_Graphics::getFontDescent(), fp_Run::getGraphics(), fp_Page::getHeight(), fl_DocSectionLayout::getLeftMargin(), fp_Run::getLine(), FL_DocLayout::getNthPage(), fp_Container::getPage(), PP_AttrProp::getProperty(), FL_DocLayout::getQuickPrintEmbedManager(), fl_DocSectionLayout::getRightMargin(), fl_DocSectionLayout::getTopMargin(), fp_Page::getWidth(), GR_EmbedManager::getWidth(), GR_EmbedManager::initializeEmbedView(), FL_DocLayout::isQuickPrint(), GR_EmbedManager::loadEmbedData(), m_bNeedsSnapshot, m_iEmbedUID, m_iIndexAP, m_iPointHeight, m_pDocLayout, m_pEmbedManager, m_pSpanAP, m_pszDataID, GR_EmbedManager::makeEmbedView(), fp_Run::markAsDirty(), PP_evalProperty(), GR_Graphics::queryProperties(), GR_EmbedManager::releaseEmbedView(), GR_EmbedManager::setDefaultFontSize(), GR_EmbedManager::setFont(), fp_Line::setNeedsRedraw(), GR_EmbedManager::setRun(), UT_ASSERT, UT_convertToLogicalUnits(), UT_DEBUGMSG, and UT_return_if_fail.

Referenced by _lookupLocalProperties().

bool fp_EmbedRun::_recalcWidth ( void   )  [protected, virtual]
bool fp_EmbedRun::canBreakAfter ( void   )  const [virtual]

Implements fp_Run.

bool fp_EmbedRun::canBreakBefore ( void   )  const [virtual]

Implements fp_Run.

void fp_EmbedRun::findPointCoords ( UT_uint32  iOffset,
UT_sint32 x,
UT_sint32 y,
UT_sint32 x2,
UT_sint32 y2,
UT_sint32 height,
bool &  bDirection 
) [virtual]
EV_EditMouseContext fp_EmbedRun::getContextualMenu ( void   )  const
const char * fp_EmbedRun::getDataID ( void   )  const

References m_pszDataID.

Referenced by Defun1().

UT_sint32 fp_EmbedRun::getUID ( void   )  const [inline]

Referenced by Defun1().

bool fp_EmbedRun::hasLayoutProperties ( void   )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_Run.

bool fp_EmbedRun::isEdittable ( void   ) 

Returns true if the embedable plugin is editable.

References getEmbedManager(), GR_EmbedManager::isEdittable(), and m_iEmbedUID.

bool fp_EmbedRun::isResizeable ( void   ) 
bool fp_EmbedRun::isSubscript ( void   )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_Run.

bool fp_EmbedRun::isSuperscript ( void   )  const [virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_Run.

void fp_EmbedRun::mapXYToPosition ( UT_sint32  xPos,
UT_sint32  yPos,
PT_DocPosition pos,
bool &  bBOL,
bool &  bEOL,
bool &  isTOC 
) [virtual]
void fp_EmbedRun::updateVerticalMetric (  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by _draw(), and _lookupProperties().

const PP_AttrProp* fp_EmbedRun::m_pSpanAP [protected]

Referenced by _lookupProperties().

const gchar* fp_EmbedRun::m_pszDataID [protected]

Referenced by _lookupProperties(), and getDataID().

Referenced by _draw().

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