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fp_AnnotationContainer Class Reference

#include <fp_FootnoteContainer.h>

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fp_VerticalContainer fp_Container fp_ContainerObject

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Public Member Functions

 fp_AnnotationContainer (fl_SectionLayout *pSectionLayout)
virtual ~fp_AnnotationContainer ()
UT_sint32 getValue (void)
void layout (void)
virtual bool isVBreakable (void)
virtual void clearScreen (void)
virtual void draw (dg_DrawArgs *)
virtual void draw (GR_Graphics *)
virtual void setY (UT_sint32 iY)
virtual void setContainer (fp_Container *pContainer)
virtual fp_ContainergetNextContainerInSection (void) const
virtual fp_ContainergetPrevContainerInSection (void) const
virtual fp_PagegetPage (void) const
void setPage (fp_Page *pPage)
fl_DocSectionLayoutgetDocSectionLayout (void)
UT_uint32 getPID (void)

Private Attributes

UT_sint32 m_iLabelWidth
UT_sint32 m_iXLabel
UT_sint32 m_iYLabel

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fp_AnnotationContainer::fp_AnnotationContainer ( fl_SectionLayout pSectionLayout  ) 

Create Annotation container

iType Container type
pSectionLayout Section layout type used for this container
fp_AnnotationContainer::~fp_AnnotationContainer (  )  [virtual]

Destruct container

The Containers in vector of the container are not destructed. They are owned by the logical hierarchy (i.e., the fl_Container classes like fl_BlockLayout), not the physical hierarchy.

References m_pPage.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void fp_AnnotationContainer::draw ( GR_Graphics  )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_VerticalContainer.

fl_DocSectionLayout * fp_AnnotationContainer::getDocSectionLayout ( void   ) 
fp_Container * fp_AnnotationContainer::getNextContainerInSection ( void   )  const [virtual]
virtual fp_Page* fp_AnnotationContainer::getPage ( void   )  const [inline, virtual]
UT_uint32 fp_AnnotationContainer::getPID ( void   ) 
fp_Container * fp_AnnotationContainer::getPrevContainerInSection ( void   )  const [virtual]
UT_sint32 fp_AnnotationContainer::getValue ( void   ) 
virtual bool fp_AnnotationContainer::isVBreakable ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_VerticalContainer.

void fp_AnnotationContainer::setContainer ( fp_Container pContainer  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_Container.

References clearScreen(), and fp_Container::getContainer().

void fp_AnnotationContainer::setY ( UT_sint32  iY  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from fp_VerticalContainer.

Referenced by fp_Page::_reformatAnnotations().

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