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fg_FillType Class Reference

#include <fp_ContainerObject.h>

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Public Member Functions

 fg_FillType (fg_FillType *pParent, fp_ContainerObject *pContainer, FG_Fill_Type iType)
virtual ~fg_FillType (void)
void setParent (fg_FillType *pParent)
void setColor (UT_RGBColor &color)
void setColor (const char *pszColor)
void setTransColor (UT_RGBColor &color)
void setTransColor (const char *pszColor)
void setTransparent (void)
void setWidthHeight (GR_Graphics *pG, UT_sint32 width, UT_sint32 height, bool doImage=false)
void setWidth (GR_Graphics *pG, UT_sint32 width)
void setHeight (GR_Graphics *pG, UT_sint32 height)
void setDocLayout (FL_DocLayout *pDocLayout)
void markTransparentForPrint (void)
void Fill (GR_Graphics *pG, UT_sint32 &srcX, UT_sint32 &srcY, UT_sint32 x, UT_sint32 y, UT_sint32 width, UT_sint32 height)
fg_FillTypegetParent (void) const
FG_Fill_Type getFillType (void) const
const FL_DocLayoutgetDocLayout (void) const
const UT_RGBColorgetColor (void) const
void setImagePointer (const FG_SharedGraphicPtr &pDocGraphic, GR_Image **pDocImage)
void setIgnoreLineLevel (bool b)

Private Member Functions

void _regenerateImage (GR_Graphics *pG)

Private Attributes

FG_Fill_Type m_FillType
UT_uint32 m_iGraphicTick
bool m_bTransparentForPrint
UT_RGBColor m_color
UT_RGBColor m_TransColor
bool m_bTransColorSet
bool m_bColorSet
UT_sint32 m_iWidth
UT_sint32 m_iHeight
GR_Image ** m_pDocImage
FG_SharedGraphicPtr m_pDocGraphic
bool m_bIgnoreLineLevel


class fp_Run

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fg_FillType::fg_FillType ( fg_FillType pParent,
fp_ContainerObject pContainer,
FG_Fill_Type  iType 

To draw the background under text. Basic idea is to draw the colour or image defined here unless the fill type is transparent. If't transparent we recursively call it's parents until it's not transparent.

fg_FillType::~fg_FillType ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void fg_FillType::_regenerateImage ( GR_Graphics pG  )  [private]
void fg_FillType::Fill ( GR_Graphics pG,
UT_sint32 srcX,
UT_sint32 srcY,
UT_sint32  x,
UT_sint32  y,
UT_sint32  width,
UT_sint32  height 
const UT_RGBColor * fg_FillType::getColor ( void   )  const
const FL_DocLayout* fg_FillType::getDocLayout ( void   )  const
FG_Fill_Type fg_FillType::getFillType ( void   )  const

Return the filltype of this class.

References m_FillType.

fg_FillType * fg_FillType::getParent ( void   )  const

Return the parent of this class.

References m_pParent.

Referenced by fp_CellContainer::_clear(), fp_FrameContainer::clearScreen(), Fill(), and getColor().

void fg_FillType::markTransparentForPrint ( void   ) 

Set that the fill should be transparent if we're printing.

References m_bTransparentForPrint.

Referenced by fl_DocSectionLayout::addOwnedPage(), and FL_DocLayout::updateColor().

void fg_FillType::setColor ( UT_RGBColor color  ) 
void fg_FillType::setColor ( const char *  pszColor  ) 

set this class to have a solid color fill unless this is a NULL string pointer. This is an on-screen color only. Don't print this.

References m_bColorSet, m_bTransColorSet, m_bTransparentForPrint, m_color, m_FillType, and UT_RGBColor::setColor().

void fg_FillType::setDocLayout ( FL_DocLayout pDocLayout  ) 
void fg_FillType::setHeight ( GR_Graphics pG,
UT_sint32  height 
void fg_FillType::setIgnoreLineLevel ( bool  b  ) 
void fg_FillType::setImagePointer ( const FG_SharedGraphicPtr pDocGraphic,
GR_Image **  pDocImage 

Set a pointer to the Image pointer in fl_DocSectionLayout. This enables many pages to share the same image without having to generate a new image for every page.

References m_FillType, m_pDocGraphic, and m_pDocImage.

Referenced by fl_DocSectionLayout::addOwnedPage(), fl_CellLayout::setCellContainerProperties(), and fl_FrameLayout::setContainerProperties().

void fg_FillType::setParent ( fg_FillType pParent  ) 
void fg_FillType::setTransColor ( UT_RGBColor color  ) 

set this class to have a solid color fill but not print this color.

References m_bTransColorSet, m_FillType, m_TransColor, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

Referenced by fl_DocSectionLayout::addOwnedPage(), and FL_DocLayout::updateColor().

void fg_FillType::setTransColor ( const char *  pszColor  ) 

set this class to have a solid color fill unless this is a NULL string pointer

References m_bColorSet, m_bTransColorSet, m_bTransparentForPrint, m_FillType, m_TransColor, and UT_RGBColor::setColor().

void fg_FillType::setTransparent ( void   ) 

set this class to be transparent.

References m_bTransparentForPrint, and m_FillType.

void fg_FillType::setWidth ( GR_Graphics pG,
UT_sint32  width 
void fg_FillType::setWidthHeight ( GR_Graphics pG,
UT_sint32  width,
UT_sint32  height,
bool  doImage = false 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class fp_Run [friend]

Member Data Documentation

bool fg_FillType::m_bColorSet [private]

Referenced by Fill(), and setIgnoreLineLevel().

Referenced by Fill(), getColor(), and setColor().

Referenced by Fill(), and setDocLayout().

Referenced by Fill().

Referenced by Fill(), and setDocLayout().

Referenced by Fill(), getParent(), and setParent().

Referenced by Fill(), getColor(), and setTransColor().

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