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XAP_Win32PropertySheet Class Reference

#include <xap_Win32PropertySheet.h>

Inheritance diagram for XAP_Win32PropertySheet:
AP_Win32Dialog_FormatTOC_Sheet AP_Win32Dialog_Options_Sheet AP_Win32Dialog_PageSetup_Sheet

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Public Member Functions

 XAP_Win32PropertySheet ()
int runModal (XAP_Win32App *pWin32App, XAP_Frame *pFrame, XAP_String_Id nID=0)
int runModeless (XAP_Win32App *pWin32App, XAP_Frame *pFrame, XAP_String_Id nID=0)
void addPage (XAP_Win32PropertyPage *pPage)
PROPSHEETPAGEW * _buildPageArray (void)
virtual void _onInitDialog (HWND)
virtual void destroy (void)
virtual void cleanup (void)
HWND getHandle ()
void setCallBack (PFNPROPSHEETCALLBACK pCallback)
void setDialogProc (DLGPROC pfnDlgProc)
void setApplyButton (bool b)
void setOkButton (bool b)
void setCancelButton (bool b)
virtual BOOL _onCommand (HWND, WPARAM, LPARAM)
virtual void _onOK ()
virtual void _onApply ()
virtual void _onCancel ()

Static Public Member Functions

static INT_PTR CALLBACK s_sheetWndProc (HWND hWnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)

Public Attributes

int m_nRslt

Private Attributes

HWND m_hWnd
UT_Vector m_vecPages
DLGPROC m_pfnDlgProc
WHICHPROC m_lpfnDefSheet
bool m_bApplyButton
bool m_bOkButton
bool m_bCancelButton
bool m_modeless

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XAP_Win32PropertySheet::XAP_Win32PropertySheet (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

PROPSHEETPAGEW * XAP_Win32PropertySheet::_buildPageArray ( void   ) 
virtual void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::_onApply (  )  [inline, virtual]

Referenced by s_sheetWndProc().

virtual void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::_onCancel (  )  [inline, virtual]

Referenced by s_sheetWndProc().

virtual BOOL XAP_Win32PropertySheet::_onCommand ( HWND  ,
) [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in AP_Win32Dialog_Options_Sheet.

Referenced by s_sheetWndProc().

virtual void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::_onInitDialog ( HWND   )  [inline, virtual]
virtual void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::_onOK (  )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in AP_Win32Dialog_FormatTOC_Sheet.

Referenced by s_sheetWndProc().

void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::cleanup ( void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented in AP_Win32Dialog_FormatTOC_Sheet.

References m_pages.

Referenced by destroy(), and s_sheetWndProc().

void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::destroy ( void   )  [virtual]
HWND XAP_Win32PropertySheet::getHandle (  )  [inline]
INT_PTR CALLBACK XAP_Win32PropertySheet::s_sheetWndProc ( HWND  hWnd,
UINT  msg,
WPARAM  wParam,
LPARAM  lParam 
) [static]
void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::setApplyButton ( bool  b  )  [inline]
void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::setCancelButton ( bool  b  )  [inline]
void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::setDialogProc ( DLGPROC  pfnDlgProc  )  [inline]
void XAP_Win32PropertySheet::setOkButton ( bool  b  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by runModeless().

PFNPROPSHEETCALLBACK XAP_Win32PropertySheet::m_pCallback [private]
PROPSHEETHEADERW XAP_Win32PropertySheet::m_psh [private]

Referenced by destroy(), runModal(), and runModeless().

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