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XAP_OpenSavePanel_AccessoryController Class Reference

#import <xap_CocoaDlg_FileOpenSaveAs.h>

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Public Member Functions

(id- initWithXAP:
(NSView *) - fileTypeAccessoryView
(void) - setFileTypeLabel:
(void) - setSelectedFileType:
(void) - removeItemsOfFileTypesMenu
(void) - addItemWithTitle:fileType:
(IBAction) - selectFileType:

Protected Attributes

 __pad0__: NSObject<NSOpenSavePanelDelegate>{ IBOutlet NSTextField * oFTLabel
IBOutlet NSPopUpButton * oFTPopUp
IBOutlet NSView * oFTAccessoryView

Member Function Documentation

- (void) addItemWithTitle: (NSString *)  title
fileType: (int)  type 
- (NSView *) fileTypeAccessoryView  
- (id) initWithXAP: (XAP_CocoaDialog_FileOpenSaveAs*)  xap  

References _xap.

- (void) removeItemsOfFileTypesMenu  
- (IBAction) selectFileType: (id sender  
- (void) setFileTypeLabel: (const std::string &)  label  
- (void) setSelectedFileType: (int)  type  

Member Data Documentation

- XAP_OpenSavePanel_AccessoryController: [protected]

Referenced by initWithXAP:, and selectFileType:.

- (IBOutlet NSView*) oFTAccessoryView [protected]

Referenced by fileTypeAccessoryView.

- (IBOutlet NSPopUpButton*) oFTPopUp [protected]

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