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XAP_GenericListChooser_Controller Class Reference

#import <xap_GenericListChooser_Controller.h>

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Public Member Functions

(IBAction) - cancelClicked:
(IBAction) - listClicked:
(IBAction) - okClicked:
(void) - setTitle:
(void) - setLabel:
(void) - setXAPProxy:
(void) - setDataSource:
(void) - setSelected:
(int) - selected

Static Public Member Functions

(XAP_GenericListChooser_Controller *) + loadFromNib

Protected Attributes

IBOutlet NSButton * m_cancelBtn
IBOutlet NSBox * m_enclosingBox
IBOutlet NSTableView * m_listTable
IBOutlet NSButton * m_okBtn

Member Function Documentation

- (IBAction) cancelClicked: (id sender  
- (IBAction) listClicked: (id sender  
+ (XAP_GenericListChooser_Controller *) loadFromNib  
- (IBAction) okClicked: (id sender  
- (int) selected  

References m_listTable.

- (void) setDataSource: (id obj  

References m_listTable.

- (void) setLabel: (NSString*)  label  

References m_enclosingBox.

- (void) setSelected: (int)  idx  

References m_listTable.

- (void) setTitle: (NSString*)  title  
- (void) setXAPProxy: (XAP_GenericListChooser_Proxy*)  proxy  

References _proxy.

Member Data Documentation

- (IBOutlet NSButton*) m_cancelBtn [protected]
- (IBOutlet NSBox*) m_enclosingBox [protected]

Referenced by setLabel:.

- (IBOutlet NSTableView*) m_listTable [protected]

Referenced by selected, setDataSource:, and setSelected:.

- (IBOutlet NSButton*) m_okBtn [protected]

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