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XAP_CocoaNSView Class Reference

#import <xap_CocoaFrame.h>

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XAP_CocoaTextView XAP_PrintingNSView

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Public Member Functions

(id- initWith:andFrame:
(BOOL) - acceptsFirstResponder
(BOOL) - becomeFirstResponder
(XAP_Frame *) - xapFrame
(void) - setGraphics:
(void) - setEventDelegate:
< XAP_MouseEventDelegate > *) 
- eventDelegate
(void) - drawRect:
(BOOL) - isFlipped
(BOOL) - isOpaque
(void) - hasBeenResized:
(void) - setCursor:

Protected Attributes

NSCursor * _cursor
GR_CocoaCairoGraphics * m_pGR
< XAP_MouseEventDelegate > * 

Member Function Documentation

- (BOOL) acceptsFirstResponder  
- (BOOL) becomeFirstResponder  
- (void) drawRect: (NSRect)  aRect  

Cocoa overridden method. Redraw the screen.

References m_pFrame.

- (void) hasBeenResized: (NSNotification*)  notif  

References _cursor.

- (id) initWith: (XAP_Frame *)  frame
andFrame: (NSRect)  windowFrame 

Implemented in XAP_CocoaTextView.

- (BOOL) isFlipped  

Cocoa overridden method.

NO. Coordinates are still upside down, but we'll reverse the offscreen instead.
- (BOOL) isOpaque  

Cocoa overridden method.

NO. Not opaque.
- (void) setCursor: (NSCursor*)  cursor  
- (void) setEventDelegate: (NSObject<XAP_MouseEventDelegate>*)  delegate  
- (void) setGraphics: (GR_CocoaCairoGraphics *)  gr  
- (XAP_Frame *) xapFrame  

Member Data Documentation

- (NSCursor*) _cursor [protected]

Referenced by hasBeenResized:.

- (NSObject<XAP_MouseEventDelegate>*) _eventDelegate [protected]
- (XAP_Frame*) m_pFrame [protected]

Referenced by drawRect:, eventDelegate, and xapFrame.

- (GR_CocoaCairoGraphics*) m_pGR [protected]

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