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XAP_CocoaDialog_FontChooser Class Reference

#import <xap_CocoaDlg_FontChooser.h>

Inheritance diagram for XAP_CocoaDialog_FontChooser:
XAP_Dialog_FontChooser XAP_Dialog_NonPersistent XAP_Dialog

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Public Member Functions

() - XAP_CocoaDialog_FontChooser
(virtual) - ~XAP_CocoaDialog_FontChooser
(virtual void) - runModal
(void) - underlineChanged
(void) - overlineChanged
(void) - strikeoutChanged
(void) - superscriptChanged
(void) - subscriptChanged
(void) - transparencyChanged
(void) - updatePreview
(void) - fontRowChanged
(void) - styleRowChanged
(void) - sizeRowChanged
(void) - fgColorChanged
(void) - bgColorChanged
(bool) - getEntryString
(void) - _okAction
(void) - _cancelAction
(void) - _createGC
(void) - _deleteGC

Static Public Member Functions

(static XAP_Dialog *) + static_constructor

Private Member Functions

(void) - _colorChanged

Private Attributes

bool m_bSuperScriptInitialValue
bool m_bSubScriptInitialValue
gchar * m_currentFamily

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

- XAP_CocoaDialog_FontChooser: (XAP_DialogFactory *)  pDlgFactory
(XAP_Dialog_Id id 

Referenced by static_constructor.

- XAP_CocoaDialog_FontChooser: (void)   

Member Function Documentation

- (void) _cancelAction (void)   
- (void) _colorChanged (NSColor *)  color
(const gchar *)  attr
(char *)  buf 

Change the color for the property.

color the NSColor
attr the CSS attribute
buf the buf to store the color (static in the caller)

References XAP_Dialog_FontChooser::addOrReplaceVecProp(), gchar, and updatePreview.

Referenced by bgColorChanged, and fgColorChanged.

- (void) _deleteGC (void)   
- (void) _okAction (void)   
- (void) bgColorChanged (void)   

Called when text background color has been changed in the widget

References _colorChanged, and m_dlg.

- (void) fgColorChanged (void)   

Called when text color has been changed in the widget

References _colorChanged, and m_dlg.

- (void) fontRowChanged (void)   
- (bool) getEntryString (const char **)  string  

References UT_ASSERT.

Referenced by updatePreview.

+ (XAP_Dialog *) static_constructor (XAP_DialogFactory *)  pFactory
(XAP_Dialog_Id id 
- (void) styleRowChanged (int)  rowNumber  
- (void) transparencyChanged (bool)  value  

Member Data Documentation

- (bool) m_bSubScriptInitialValue [private]
- (gchar*) m_currentFamily [private]

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