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XAP_CocoaClipboard Class Reference

#include <xap_CocoaClipboard.h>

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XAP_FakeClipboard AP_CocoaClipboard

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Public Member Functions

 XAP_CocoaClipboard ()
virtual ~XAP_CocoaClipboard ()
virtual bool clearClipboard (void)
virtual bool addData (const char *format, void *pData, UT_sint32 iNumBytes)
virtual bool getClipboardData (const char **formatAccepted, void **ppData, UT_uint32 *pLen, const char **szFormatFound)
virtual bool hasFormat (const char *format)
bool hasFormats (const char **format)
void prepareForText ()
NSPasteboard * _getPasteboard ()

Static Public Attributes

static const char * XAP_CLIPBOARD_TEXTPLAIN_8BIT = "TEXT"
static const char * XAP_CLIPBOARD_STRING = "STRING"
static const char * XAP_CLIPBOARD_RTF = "text/rtf"
static const char * XAP_CLIPBOARD_IMAGE = "image/png"

Static Private Member Functions

static NSString * _abi2ns_cbType (const char *)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XAP_CocoaClipboard::XAP_CocoaClipboard (  ) 
XAP_CocoaClipboard::~XAP_CocoaClipboard (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

NSString * XAP_CocoaClipboard::_abi2ns_cbType ( const char *  cbType  )  [static, private]
NSPasteboard* XAP_CocoaClipboard::_getPasteboard (  )  [inline]
bool XAP_CocoaClipboard::addData ( const char *  format,
void *  pData,
UT_sint32  iNumBytes 
) [virtual]
bool XAP_CocoaClipboard::clearClipboard ( void   )  [virtual]
bool XAP_CocoaClipboard::getClipboardData ( const char **  formatAccepted,
void **  ppData,
UT_uint32 pLen,
const char **  szFormatFound 
) [virtual]
bool XAP_CocoaClipboard::hasFormat ( const char *  format  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from XAP_FakeClipboard.

References _abi2ns_cbType(), and _getPasteboard().

Referenced by hasFormats().

bool XAP_CocoaClipboard::hasFormats ( const char **  format  ) 

return if clipboard has one of the formats listed

References hasFormat().

Referenced by AP_CocoaApp::canPasteFromClipboard().

void XAP_CocoaClipboard::prepareForText ( void   ) 

Should be called beore adding text data to clipboard

References _getPasteboard().

Referenced by AP_CocoaApp::copyToClipboard().

Member Data Documentation

const char * XAP_CocoaClipboard::XAP_CLIPBOARD_COMPOUND_TEXT = "COMPOUND_TEXT" [static]
const char * XAP_CocoaClipboard::XAP_CLIPBOARD_IMAGE = "image/png" [static]

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