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XAP_AppImpl Class Reference

#include <xap_AppImpl.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~XAP_AppImpl ()

Static Public Member Functions

static XAP_AppImplstatic_constructor (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual UT_String localizeHelpUrl (const char *pathBeforeLang, const char *pathAfterLang, const char *remoteURLbase)
virtual bool openURL (const char *url)=0
virtual bool openHelpURL (const char *url)


class XAP_App

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual XAP_AppImpl::~XAP_AppImpl (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

UT_String XAP_AppImpl::localizeHelpUrl ( const char *  pathBeforeLang,
const char *  pathAfterLang,
const char *  remoteURLbase 
) [protected, virtual]

Localize and URL for help.

pathBeforeLang the path for the help file that prefix
pathAfterLang the path inside the localized directory
remoteURLbase remote URL if help files are not found.

Override in subclasses if platform needs specific work

Reimplemented in XAP_UnixAppImpl, and XAP_QtAppImpl.

References _catPath(), UT_String::c_str(), gchar, XAP_App::getAbiSuiteLibDir(), XAP_App::getApp(), XAP_App::getPrefs(), XAP_Prefs::getPrefsValue(), UT_directoryExists(), UT_isRegularFile(), and UT_return_val_if_fail.

bool XAP_AppImpl::openHelpURL ( const char *  url  )  [protected, virtual]

Open a help URL

url the URL to open

This method opens a help page designated by URL. By default it does the same as opening and URL, ie likely to be in the web browser. Override it to open this in a different viewer like Help Viewer (MacOS X), gnome-help (GNOME), etc. It should check the protcol (file: vs http:)

Reimplemented in XAP_UnixAppImpl, and XAP_QtAppImpl.

References openURL().

virtual bool XAP_AppImpl::openURL ( const char *  url  )  [protected, pure virtual]
XAP_AppImpl * XAP_AppImpl::static_constructor ( void   )  [static]

Referenced by XAP_App::XAP_App().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class XAP_App [friend]

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