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UT_XML Class Reference

#include <ut_xml.h>

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class  ExpertListener
class  Listener
class  Reader

Public Member Functions

 UT_XML ()
virtual ~UT_XML ()
void setNameSpace (const char *xml_namespace)
UT_sint32 getNumMinorErrors (void) const
UT_sint32 getNumRecoveredErrors (void) const
void incMinorErrors (void)
void incRecoveredErrors (void)
bool sniff (const UT_ByteBuf *pBB, const char *xml_type)
bool sniff (const char *buffer, UT_uint32 length, const char *xml_type)
virtual UT_Error parse (const char *szFilename)
virtual UT_Error parse (const char *buffer, UT_uint32 length)
UT_Error parse (const UT_ByteBuf *pBB)
void stop ()
void setListener (Listener *pListener)
void setExpertListener (ExpertListener *pExpertListener)
void setReader (Reader *pReader)
void startElement (const gchar *name, const gchar **atts)
void endElement (const gchar *name)
void charData (const gchar *buffer, int length)
void processingInstruction (const gchar *target, const gchar *data)
void comment (const gchar *data)
void cdataSection (bool start)
void defaultData (const gchar *buffer, int length)

Protected Member Functions

bool reset_all ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_bStopped

Private Member Functions

bool grow (char *&buffer, UT_uint32 &length, UT_uint32 &max, UT_uint32 require)
void flush_all ()

Private Attributes

bool m_is_chardata
char * m_chardata_buffer
UT_uint32 m_chardata_length
UT_uint32 m_chardata_max
UT_sint32 m_iMinorErrors
UT_sint32 m_iRecoveredErrors
const char * m_namespace
int m_nslength
bool m_bSniffing
bool m_bValid
const char * m_xml_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_XML::UT_XML (  ) 
UT_XML::~UT_XML (  )  [virtual]

References FREEP, and m_namespace.

Member Function Documentation

void UT_XML::charData ( const gchar *  buffer,
int  length 
void UT_XML::comment ( const gchar *  data  ) 

Referenced by _comment().

void UT_XML::defaultData ( const gchar *  buffer,
int  length 
void UT_XML::endElement ( const gchar *  name  ) 
UT_sint32 UT_XML::getNumMinorErrors ( void   )  const [inline]

Referenced by _errorSAXFunc().

UT_sint32 UT_XML::getNumRecoveredErrors ( void   )  const [inline]
bool UT_XML::grow ( char *&  buffer,
UT_uint32 length,
UT_uint32 max,
UT_uint32  require 
) [private]

Referenced by reset_all().

void UT_XML::incMinorErrors ( void   )  [inline]

Referenced by _errorSAXFunc().

void UT_XML::incRecoveredErrors ( void   )  [inline]

Referenced by _errorSAXFunc().

UT_Error UT_XML::parse ( const char *  buffer,
UT_uint32  length 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented in UT_HTML.

References DELETEP, HRESULT(), m_bSniffing, m_pListener, UT_ASSERT, and UT_DEBUGMSG.

void UT_XML::processingInstruction ( const gchar *  target,
const gchar *  data 

Referenced by _processingInstruction().

bool UT_XML::reset_all (  )  [protected]
void UT_XML::setExpertListener ( ExpertListener pExpertListener  )  [inline]
void UT_XML::setNameSpace ( const char *  xml_namespace  ) 

References FREEP, m_namespace, and m_nslength.

void UT_XML::setReader ( Reader pReader  )  [inline]
bool UT_XML::sniff ( const char *  buffer,
UT_uint32  length,
const char *  xml_type 
bool UT_XML::sniff ( const UT_ByteBuf pBB,
const char *  xml_type 
void UT_XML::startElement ( const gchar *  name,
const gchar **  atts 

Member Data Documentation

bool UT_XML::m_bSniffing [private]

Referenced by parse(), and sniff().

bool UT_XML::m_bStopped [protected]

Referenced by cdataSection(), parse(), and UT_HTML::parse().

bool UT_XML::m_bValid [private]

Referenced by sniff().

char* UT_XML::m_chardata_buffer [private]

Referenced by flush_all(), and reset_all().

Referenced by reset_all().

bool UT_XML::m_is_chardata [private]

Referenced by flush_all().

const char* UT_XML::m_namespace [private]

Referenced by setNameSpace(), and ~UT_XML().

int UT_XML::m_nslength [private]

Referenced by setNameSpace().

Reader* UT_XML::m_pReader [protected]

Referenced by parse(), and UT_HTML::parse().

const char* UT_XML::m_xml_type [private]

Referenced by sniff().

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