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UT_UTF8Stringbuf Class Reference

#include <ut_stringbuf.h>

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class  UTF8Iterator

Public Types

typedef UT_UCSChar UCS2Char
typedef unsigned int UCS4Char

Public Member Functions

 UT_UTF8Stringbuf ()
 UT_UTF8Stringbuf (const UT_UTF8Stringbuf &rhs)
 UT_UTF8Stringbuf (const char *sz, size_t n=0)
 ~UT_UTF8Stringbuf ()
void operator= (const UT_UTF8Stringbuf &rhs)
void assign (const char *sz, size_t n=0)
void append (const char *sz, size_t n=0)
void append (const UT_UTF8Stringbuf &rhs)
void appendUCS2 (const UT_UCS2Char *sz, size_t n)
void appendUCS4 (const UT_UCS4Char *sz, size_t n)
void escape (const UT_UTF8String &str1, const UT_UTF8String &str2)
void escapeXML ()
void decodeXML ()
void escapeMIME ()
void escapeURL ()
void decodeURL ()
void clear ()
void reserve (size_t n)
bool empty () const
size_t byteLength () const
size_t utf8Length () const
const char * data () const

Static Public Member Functions

static UCS4Char charCode (const char *str)

Private Member Functions

void insert (char *&ptr, const char *str, size_t utf8length)
bool grow (size_t length)

Private Attributes

char * m_psz
char * m_pEnd
size_t m_strlen
size_t m_buflen

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned int UT_UTF8Stringbuf::UCS4Char

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_UTF8Stringbuf::UT_UTF8Stringbuf (  ) 
UT_UTF8Stringbuf::UT_UTF8Stringbuf ( const UT_UTF8Stringbuf rhs  ) 

References append().

UT_UTF8Stringbuf::UT_UTF8Stringbuf ( const char *  sz,
size_t  n = 0 

References append().

UT_UTF8Stringbuf::~UT_UTF8Stringbuf (  ) 

References clear().

Member Function Documentation

void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::append ( const char *  sz,
size_t  n = 0 
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::append ( const UT_UTF8Stringbuf rhs  ) 
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::appendUCS2 ( const UT_UCS2Char sz,
size_t  n 
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::appendUCS4 ( const UT_UCS4Char sz,
size_t  n 
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::assign ( const char *  sz,
size_t  n = 0 
size_t UT_UTF8Stringbuf::byteLength (  )  const [inline]
UT_UTF8Stringbuf::UCS4Char UT_UTF8Stringbuf::charCode ( const char *  str  )  [static]
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::clear ( void   ) 
const char* UT_UTF8Stringbuf::data (  )  const [inline]
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::decodeURL (  ) 
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::decodeXML (  ) 

References m_pEnd, and m_psz.

Referenced by UT_UTF8String::decodeXML().

bool UT_UTF8Stringbuf::empty (  )  const [inline]

Referenced by UT_UTF8String::empty().

void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::escape ( const UT_UTF8String str1,
const UT_UTF8String str2 
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::escapeMIME (  ) 

References grow(), insert(), m_pEnd, m_psz, and m_strlen.

Referenced by UT_UTF8String::escapeMIME().

void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::escapeURL (  ) 

References assign(), gchar, and m_psz.

Referenced by UT_UTF8String::escapeURL().

void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::escapeXML (  ) 

References grow(), insert(), m_pEnd, and m_psz.

Referenced by UT_UTF8String::escapeXML().

bool UT_UTF8Stringbuf::grow ( size_t  length  )  [private]
void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::insert ( char *&  ptr,
const char *  str,
size_t  utf8length 
) [private]

References grow(), m_pEnd, m_psz, and m_strlen.

Referenced by escapeMIME(), and escapeXML().

void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::operator= ( const UT_UTF8Stringbuf rhs  ) 

References append(), m_pEnd, m_psz, and m_strlen.

void UT_UTF8Stringbuf::reserve ( size_t  n  ) 

References grow().

Referenced by UT_UTF8String::reserve().

size_t UT_UTF8Stringbuf::utf8Length (  )  const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

size_t UT_UTF8Stringbuf::m_buflen [private]

Referenced by clear(), and grow().

char* UT_UTF8Stringbuf::m_pEnd [private]
char* UT_UTF8Stringbuf::m_psz [private]
size_t UT_UTF8Stringbuf::m_strlen [private]

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