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UT_UCS2_mbtowc Class Reference

#include <ut_mbtowc.h>

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class  Converter

Public Member Functions

void initialize (bool clear=true)
 UT_UCS2_mbtowc (const char *from_charset)
 ~UT_UCS2_mbtowc ()
void setInCharset (const char *from_charset)
int mbtowc (UT_UCS2Char &wc, char mb)
 UT_UCS2_mbtowc ()

Private Member Functions

 UT_UCS2_mbtowc (const UT_UCS2_mbtowc &v)
UT_UCS2_mbtowcoperator= (const UT_UCS2_mbtowc &rhs)

Private Attributes

size_t m_bufLen
char m_buf [iMbLenMax]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_UCS2_mbtowc::UT_UCS2_mbtowc ( const char *  from_charset  ) 
UT_UCS2_mbtowc::~UT_UCS2_mbtowc (  ) 

References m_converter.

UT_UCS2_mbtowc::UT_UCS2_mbtowc (  ) 
UT_UCS2_mbtowc::UT_UCS2_mbtowc ( const UT_UCS2_mbtowc v  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

void UT_UCS2_mbtowc::initialize ( bool  clear = true  ) 
int UT_UCS2_mbtowc::mbtowc ( UT_UCS2Char wc,
char  mb 
UT_UCS2_mbtowc& UT_UCS2_mbtowc::operator= ( const UT_UCS2_mbtowc rhs  )  [private]
void UT_UCS2_mbtowc::setInCharset ( const char *  from_charset  ) 

References m_converter.

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by mbtowc().

size_t UT_UCS2_mbtowc::m_bufLen [private]

Referenced by initialize(), and mbtowc().

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